Attn. Dallas tpf'ers!!

  1. Saturday is my first day working at the Coach boutique at Willowbend Mall! (I've worked at Coach before, up in Fairfax, VA...moved to Texas!) Bring your PCE card and come out too see me! I'll be working from 2-6. I would love to meet some of my local tpf'ers...and of course, help you pick out an awesome bag!! :wlae:
  2. I'd totally go if I was in the area. I'm in Houston though. Good luck on your first day though!
  3. hey my bf used to work @ Willowbend, at American Eagle. I have been to that COACH store often!! i might make it out there on Sat with my PCE card ( that is, if i decide to be good and not buy anything, or be bad and buy stuff!!)
  4. Hey I am coming out but probably will go to Northpark they have the sunnies I want! Congrats!
  5. be bad!! be bad!!

    i like willowbend a lot just because it seems quieter than most of the other malls. i live near stonebriar and the coach there is always so busy! im trying to keep low key. :graucho:
  6. I worked at Northpark last Sunday for training. they're super nice there, especially the guy manager, roman.
  7. thanks! i'm super excited because i know it's the start of the pce event and it will be super busy. time will just fly, im sure.
  8. Hmpf!

    Well, im from Dallas (HP and Addison).....but dont live there right now (stationed in Alaska).

    I would so come see you if I was there!

    Good luck and enjoy your new job!

    (I miss Dallas):crybaby:
  9. thanks! i think i'll be enjoying the discount more than the paycheck...because you know that paycheck will go right back to coach!
  10. My friend went to WillowBend tonight to pre-order her items since she does not care for the big crowds. I can't decide if I will go to the Galleria or Northpark. I have 2 stores that are a lot closer but I enjoy the crowds. I also plan to get the mini skinny that matches my satchel but I will have to get it from Macy's or Dillards.
  11. Congrats on your new job