Attn: Croc owners - How do you care for your handbags?

  1. Do you apply a leather conditioner (e.g. Apple Brand) or send it to the spa? If the latter is true, then how often? And do you ever notice a difference in the dye as the bag ages? BV has told me that it's okay to home condition matte croc. But I never thought their skins were up to par with what Hermes has to offer... Tia!
  2. I was advised t send it to the "spa" only when it is sort of evenly worn out, otherwise, the re-glazing could flake.
  3. I send my croc to NYC only.

    Once I asked Claude what I should use on my crocodile shoes and he had a jar of Melatonin (sp) white neutral cream in his hand and said I should use that.

    So far I've yet to follow his advise, I wear my shoes so seldom (maybe twice a year) they are still in new condition. Somehow wearing $4500 shoes scares me - I need to get over it and wear them !