Attn: Corona,Ca

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  1. I figured I would tell this very sad story to my fellow TPF friends to maybe save some lives. On May 7th 2007 IN Corona, Ca my best friends 2 dog's went missing from her backyard. One was a 2 year old Pom named Coco and his son a 6 month old PomChi who was un named since he was awaiting a home. Her female 7 year old Chihuahua Lucky was not missing.

    Her dad was the one who discovered the dogs missing when he went out to feed them. Lucky was alone and Coco and the puppy were gone. No gates were open or unlocked, nothing was out of place. Confused and scared they went out searching for their dog's. On the morning of May 8th her dad found Coco in the neighborhood park dead. He had no wounds or broken bones he was just dead.

    Heartbroken, they took Coco and had him cremated and continued the search for the puppy. Until the 16th they came across something they or I or anyone could ever the same park they found the puppy dead, cut up into peices that were scattered across the grass, and with air soft bullet wounds. They knew then that this was no mistake and it was done purposely by some sick minded freak.

    Another dog's body had been turned in a few days before the puppy was found and had bullet wounds as well. They checked the bodies and concluded that coco had only been poisoned and the other two tortured to death.

    My best friend's neighbor confessed to seeing two strange men creeping around houses (after the puppy's were gone) but did not know if they were guests or strangers. Now the neighborhood knows they must have been the ones.

    Please keep very close eye on your animals if they are indeed outdoor dog's, especially if you live in or around the area of Corona. Police and neighbors are doing everything they can to try and catch these sick-o's. It's been a tough week for me and my best friend she's crushed as to how her dog's were taken from her. Lucky is now an indoor dog and is not outside alone for one minute. She really is lucky to be around...must be because she's feisty and did not give in to going to the hands of these psycho's.

  2. I hope they are caught and the dogs found safe n sound.
  3. How sick... I am alwasys appalled when I hear news like this...
  4. That's horrible. I can't imagine, nor do I want to, how someone could do such a thing. That's very sad for your friend :sad:
  5. Wow that is so sick...I feel like throwing up after imagining seeing a dog like that, let alone my own dog...
  6. omg, i hate people!!!!!!!!!! i hope those two men are caught ASAP and punished. i wish they could go through what they put the dogs through :cursing:
  7. How terribly sad, there are some real sick twists out there and unfortunately they live amongst us.
    I can't imagine how terrified those poor babies were.
    I hope they catch these guys before they strike again.
  8. I would lose it. That could possibly be the end of my sanity. I can not even imagine what your friend is going through right now, please give her big hugs.
    Those people deserve life in prison. Actually worse...

    ETA- At the park by my old house I used to see sheets stuck to all the poles asking that if anyone had any info on the people that shot and killed their dog, there was a reward. These kids would sit in the forest hidden and shoot at dogs. Please be careful everyone!
  9. You took the words out of my mouth. I wish I had not read this. I hope they find these freaks and burn them at the stake.
  10. I couldn't agree more.:cursing: Sick dissgusting human beings!

  11. Irishgal for president!! :tup:
  12. This kind of cruelty just boggles my mind. I have a friend that's the DA here and when he was going to trial prosecuting some men who had spilled chemicals on some labradors (makes me sick even typing that) he said one of their main arguments was that if a person can do that to an animal, they are MORE than capable of doing it to a person.

    I will never, ever understand some people.
  13. I can't believe ANYONE could be that mentally disturbed to do this to innocent dogs! I hope they catch them...
  14. Those poor babies!

    I hope they catch those sick bastards!
  15. Yup. Look into the past of a serial killer (Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz are three examples), and you will likely find animal torture present. :tdown:

    ETA: Animal Cruelty & Human Violence
    The Connection between animal abuse&violent crimes