ATTN: City & Purse Owners...

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  1. I want to stray from my usual city and first.... can anyone who own both a CITY and PURSE post pics for comparison? Which Is larger? Which do you prefer? thanks girls!!!!!
  2. Tara... shopping AGAIN?????... hahah ^___^" you thinking of getting a purse??? never seen on IRL... but from pictures looks amazing!! what color??
  3. here are side-by-sides of City and Purse.

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  4. thanks deco. the side by side really put them into perspective
  5. the Purse is more feminine and can go casual to dressy in a flash. The City cant do dressy. I have owned 2 Purses and I LOVE the lines of them and the style. I recommend a Purse in a second!
  6. argh! That picture is sending me over the edge!
  7. Here is the beautiful sea with her city and purse~ maybe this can give us a good comparision~

  8. more~

  9. zacorey - that purse there has a looonnnggg handle. did they used to make them longer - or is that after stretching it?
  10. ^^^I have no idea! I don't own the purse style but the size of the purse handles are longer then the city. Also~ the bowling style has longer handles then the city~ just throwing that at ya! LOL
  11. I have both the City and the Purse and I like them both equally. However, they really are two different bags. If you're looking for a satchel I suggest the City. If you want a true shoulder bag I suggest the Purse. IMO the Purse is the most feminine style of all the motorcycle bags. That is why I decided to get one in pale rose. Either bag is a winner. I think you should get a Purse since you already have a City. You won't be disappointed.
  12. I looooooooooove Sea's pics but I do want to point out that (as she has said before) her handles have stretched out--plus she is tiny! :smile: The handles on my Purse are not *nearly* that much longer than on my Cities. The Purse is definitely a bit more comfy on the shoulder but it's still snug for my taste (note: I am NOT tiny!). I'll try to post pics one of these days.