ATTN: Cherry Blossom Retro Cream/Red Owners- Please Read

  1. I am toying with buying a Cherry Blossom Retro or Papillon in Red/Cream. Since these have been discontinued I can't go to the store and try them on, so I am relying on the pictures to give me an idea of how they look on.

    There are several members who have posted pictures carrying the papillon, but not one holding the Retro.

    If you own the Retro in Red/Cream would you please take a picture of it on your arm?? I am looking for a purse that goes with red tops, cream slacks etc. Thought the blossom in red would be cute!

  2. There is actually a pic in the visual aid thread of someone holding a retro! lemme see if I can find it :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. There ya go!
  5. Thank You! Did you happen to see one in red as well? If not, this gives me an idea of how it looks.

    Thanks for your help twiggers! :flowers:
  6. I don't think anyone here has posted pics of the red/cream......I have the red/cream pochette and it looks stunning against blue jeans, black pants, etc. The red really pops out against the creamy colored canvas! I do think it'll look great with a red really pop out the blossoms!
  7. Here is a pic of Stylefly's Retro on 5'10" mannequin:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]

    The above are pics of Sandra & her pap
  11. LV_addict - Thank you for finding that picture for me, it was very helpful!!!

    Please don't kill me anyone, but that pattern sort of reminds me of sheets from back in the 70's! I love Sandra's new red cherry papillon and it looks so great on her! I'm still debating between the two. :confused1:

    Twiggers: I love the pochette in red/cream. I bet it looks even better IRL! Thanks for all your help!

  12. You are very welcome!:flowers: You made me :lol: !!! I know EXACTLY the sheets you are talking about!!! But seriously, I wouldn't waste my money. It's one of those patterns you'd get tired of pretty quickly. JMHO. If you have a craving for something from CB line, get a cles!;)
  13. He he he..thanks, Irene, for not posting the one of me holding it in the warped foyer mirror in decidedly uncoordinated clothing:lol:
    The Retro is really unique and very pretty. The Red/Cream is such a gorgeous combination, you'll do well with whichever bag you choose!
  14. :lol: I see what you're sayinng about getting bored with the pattern easily. I'm not totally inlove with it. On the Retro you posted the cream looks dark and not so attractive. In Sandra's pictures, it looks much lighter and prettier, so I'm not clear on how it will look IRL.:confused1:

    Do you have any other recommendations on something that would compliment and lighten up reds? You have great taste :love: so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!
  15. Okay, you told on yourself! :P I am dying to see this picture now! Please direct me where I can find it!