Attn Chanel SA's

  1. Just wanted to remind you that it's against our rules to PM people and trying to sell to them.
    Also, you may not post your contact information and request people to call you or e-mail you.
    We've been getting complaints about this and it's something we ban members for.
    SA's are welcome, MORE THAN WELCOME to tell what stock is available at the store, but they're not permitted to say
    "ask for me! Call ____ @ xxx-xxx-xxxx"
    and you're not permitted to PM people when you see they want something if it's in your stock, that's selling and we strictly prohibit that.

    Please understand these rules, we truly value you, but we expect everyone to follow the same rules, consistency is key:biggrin:
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    I may sticky it. . . but it seems like people don't look at my stickies:lol:
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    I know some are PMing people, it's a no no!
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  13. bumping this old thing, hopefully some of our newer members/SA's can follow the same rules the rest of our fab SA's follow:yes:
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  15. good good, am sure they will read, no worries...sometimes, they are new and may not know, other times, some may forget and need a gentle reminder from you every now and then :tup: