Attn: Chanel Reissue Owners - I need help!

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  1. Do you know where the hologram sticker is supposed to be on the reissue? I'm not worried about authenticity because I got mine at the boutique in SCP. But, I'd like to find it. Is it not there?:shame:
  2. I am at work and I am not wearing mine so I can't help you right now. When I get home I can check my reissue..but when you asked hologram sticker, I don't remember seeing one in mind either. Is that the sticker that sewn to the leather inside of bag? I don't remember seeing though..but I must check again when I get to home after work.:smile:
  3. Hi Sweetea!

    Yes, I mean the sticker that's stuck on a patch of leather or material. I found it in my Chanel tote, now I'm wondering where it is on the reissue - if there is one - because I swear I've searched every crevice!:nuts: Maybe there isn't one - but I'd like some piece of mind!
  4. I don't have one, but I'm dying to get one. Maybe since it is a reissue and it came out in 1955 (which didn't have that sticker), it's just staying true to it's origins? I donno... augh can I see pics of your new bag??? I want!
  5. Oh it's not so new - I got it at the beginning of last month. Here's the link to the thread that has a few photos
  6. Mine is located in the main compartment.It's just a really tiny strip of paper sort of taped towards the bottom right corner ( right side of the bag --if you're holding the bag with the clasp away from you).
  7. belen - THANK YOU! I swear I looked all over. But the whole time I had the clasp facing me. It's sooo tiny!!! Well, I'm glad you found it and let me know! Phewww!!!!
  8. ^^ You're welcome. I had a hard time finding it myself.Glad you found it.
  9. I am glad belen got the answer for you, addicted. I told you I was going to look into mine but last night was a hectic night. I didn't get a chance even to open my computer. And totally forgot about looking into my chanel reissue. Sorry for that.

    Glad the problem is solved!:biggrin:
  10. Yeah, I couldn't find the sticker myself until another member told me where to look. It's very tiny and you really have to dig in.
  11. Hi maxmara, Congrats! It looks like you found the chanel reissue you wanted. What's size did you get and what color? I must have missed your thread with your new bag. Enjoy it!! She must be gorgeous!
  12. Thanks goodness for this forum! I'm sure the boutique would have told me not to worry about it. I love you guys!!!!:love: