ATTN: CELINE lovers!~~ SALE~~

  1. Went into CELINE today at SCP...and for a lovely surprise... SALE SALE!!!

    Wallets, Handbags, Shoes, etc etc up to 60% OFF

    Friend grabbed a 1000 dollar bag for bout 400!~ What a steal!~

    :nuts: :graucho: ;)
  2. GREAT, another sale ......... please tell us more!
    Do you have details on bags, styles, colors??
  3. yes, tell us more....any sale online? thx
  4. O:huh:o ladies..I wish I knew more info...I'm not a big CELINE buyer so I don't know all the style names. My friend is a CELINE lover..hence, we went in.

    However, from what I recall...

    The denim print bags, wallets, keyring wallets were all on sale...

    There were really cute long and short wallets: the Brown leather mono, the white mono, REALLy cute lavender/pink satin fabric ones all on sale! 60% OFF!!! OH...matching HANDBAGS as well!!!

    Some coats and clothing and shoes were included as well...

    Let's just say the ENTIRE back room was on sale... majority 60% OFF!!!
    I was SHOCKED :nuts:

    If you're interested in going to the CELINE at SCP...PM me and I'll let you know of a GREAT SA who will really help you out!!

    HAPPY SHOPPING ALL!! :graucho:
  5. I'm sorry --What's SCP?
  6. ^^ Think that's South Coast Plaza in FL.:yes:

  7. SCP= South Coast Plaza in CALIFORNIA (Costa Mesa)~~ Orange County
  8. So. CALI :yes: ;)