ATTN: CARLY owners!!! Do you own 10619 (medium) OR 10620 (large) and what color?

  1. I figured since sooooooooooooooooooo many own Carly's this would be a FUN thread!!!! Who owns 10619 (medium size) and who owns 10620 (large size), do you have signature or leather, and what color?

    I JUST ordered my FIRST Carly in the chocolate, 10619 medium size...should be here w/in 3-5 days!!!!!!
  2. I bought the large canvas one for PCE. Now I want the Chocolate one! I haven't used it yet and was planning on exchanging it.
    I'm wondering if I'll be able to do an even exchange when the chocolate ones are in the store. Anyone know?
    Mommyville- Did you order yours through the store or the 800 number? I must have this bag!!:tup:
  3. I have the large, khaki & saddle. Its plenty big but slouches nicely. Love it. I did like the medium as well.
  4. I ordered mine through the store, BUT you can order it through the 800 number as well. You can probably call your store to see if they will place the order for you first b/c you save on shipping that way! Let me know when you get it!!!! It looks like a REALLY beautiful bag and I LOVE anything chocolate!!!! LOLOL
  5. I own the large black leather Carly, the large denim Carly and the large Canvas Carly with pear trim. I love the size and silhouette of this bag. That said, I am Seriously considering returning the canvas for the new Chocolate or getting a patent Ergo hobo. My other option is to return it and just wait until I am ready to shop for FALL.
  6. Large blue cotton demin and denim patchwork demi. The large is a great sloucher, so no one as yet has mistaken it for luggage. :smile:
  7. LOLOL...that was VERY funny!!!!!
  8. Large:
    Black Leather
    Khaki & Saddle Signature
    Denim Signature
  9. I have 3!
    Large black sig.
    Large khaki/saddle
    & Med. Cotton chocolate :smile:
  10. Large in the leather parchment, khaki signature, & signature cotton denim. :heart: that Carly bag! I wish the denim was like the signature stripe material though instead of the cotton material.
  11. Now THAT would be a GORGEOUS bag....maybe you can write them and suggest that bag be made!!! I just bought the denim signature stripe tote last week and LOVE the color/material of it. If they could make a Carly like that.....WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have 2 Medium Carlys: black leather and khaki/saddle signature. The fraternal twins are each good for their own occasions and don't get into too many squabbles.
  13. Safely tucked away in Hubby;s closet waiting for my bday next month is a medium, khaki/saddle Carly...:hysteric:
  14. I have the 10620 in khaki and saddle signature. She's perfect for school. I :heart: her name it is almost the same as mine, just change the "y" at the end to "a".
  15. I just got(an hour ago) as a gift from my DH the parchment medium carly.... I love that bag. I saw it on the web and they only had the display in the store and they almost wouldn't sell it to us until it was inspected completely, I thought I was going to die if they wouldn't let us have it, but I did get to bring it home...:yahoo: