ATTN: Bonnie lovers!

  1. I've been contemplating Bonnie for a long time. I know there are a lot of Elisha lovers out there. I guess I *need* something smaller :smile: SO, is Bonnie too small for a checkbook size wallet, sunglass case etc....Oh--and does she fit over the shoulder nicely? Thank-You my esteemed experts, in advance. :heart:
  2. I did have a Black Bonnie but I sold it around 5 months ago. If you do a search you can find two threads that I started with pics.

    Anyway the Bonnie can fit on your shoulder but its a very tight fit, and if you want to wear a coat, then its even more of a squeeze. I think it works better on your arm.
    You can fit the basics in the Bonnie but still I like to have my essentials plus room to spare in my bags, which is why I sold mine. I think its makes a cute evening bag, but not really a practical daily bag.

    Hope that helps... ;)
  3. Sold mine for the same reason. It's a Darling bag but it can only hold a wallet (and a long one might be a squeeze, keys, phone, and a few other incidentals.
  4. Perfect--that is exactly what I needed to hear and was very helpful---Thanks Halzer and Lexie!! (I guess I'll start looking for Elisha...) :graucho:
  5. There you go, posk, no point in having a teeny weeny bag if you carry a lot of stuff!:smile:
  6. I like the Bonnie. I think its a perfect "going out to dinner" sort of bag. That being said, I bought an Elisha myself over the summer. I have too much stuff.