ATTN Black Uggs owners!!

  1. I just bought a pair of black Uggs and wore them with my baby pink Juicy sweatpants tucked inside the boots. When I took it off later there were black dye stains on my sweatpants! Right when I got home I immediately handwashed it and fortunately the stain came off..

    Has this ever happen to anyone before? Because if it is an issue, I don't think I'll be keeping them...
  2. yes the black uggs turn everything black...socks, feet, everything, my friend had the problem
  3. Is it just the black uggs or do the brown ones do that too?
  4. My black UGGs aren't tooo bad....they turn the heels of my socks black though....and if i wear them barefoot, they turn the bottom of my toes and heels slightly's really annoying! fortunately it comes off really easily so it's not that serious of an issue.
  5. My Raspberry Uggs do this too...If I've freshly washed them (handwashed) and dried them, my feet will turn pink the first 2 or 3 times I wear them afterwards
  6. Yes my friends had the same issue. The lining definitely stains light color jeans and socks.
  7. I just bought the new chocolate brown uggs and my feet were stained brown for a week even after exfoliating and scrubbing the heck out of them! I only wear them with socks now, the SA at Nordstrom told me not to wear socks with them, but brown feet are kinda gross!
  8. My black Uggs do the same thing. I have moccasins and slippers and they both stain my feet black. I scrub and scrub and sometimes I can't all the dye off! But I love them anyway!
  9. Black Uggs are notorious for that.
  10. ugh.. i got them in dark brown too! so i think ill be returning those along with the black ones...

    the cream colored ones dont stain right?
  11. ^^ I have the Sand colored ones and they dont do this ...but thats maybe because I cant see it since its close to my skin color..idk lol
  12. No, I don't think they do. At least, not that I can tell with my beige or my taupe ones.
  13. My black Uggs have never stained anything, and I've had them for years and worn them all the time.:shrugs: ... and neither have the brown ones, for the record!
  14. They stain my feet after a long day's wear, but I wear dark jeans all the time so I don't have that problem.
  15. I think it has more to do with the color of the inside lining than the color of the Uggs themselves. The light colored sand lining won't do this.