ATTN: All Students in Bavaria, Germany! No school tomorrow :D

  1. I'm not sure how many of you are out there, but I thought I would just pass the message along just in case you haven't seen the news today:

    All classes have been canceled in all of Bavaria for tomorrow, Friday 18 because of the wind storm we have been having. This includes Universities, FHs, and all schools. Don't get up early tomorrow :biggrin:

    Wheeeee, 3 day weekend! :yahoo:

    That means I can sleep in with Bart tomorrow.

    Everybody stay safe, it's pretty darn windy out there. A big truck nearly flipped over this afternoon as I was driving home from Coburg on the autobahn!
  2. Stay safe, Stella. On Dec. 14th Seattle had a horrible storm too so we hope you make it thru! Have supplies ready in case you lose your electricity- we lost ours for five days.