Attn: All Seattle, WA Gals; I need help!

  1. I am taking a brief weekend trip to Seattle (from upstate NY). I am staying at a hotel on Yale Ave. Where can I go for a handbag fix? I will be all by my lonesome so I have plenty of time to fondle handbags. Also, any "must see" attractions I should plan?
  2. I am from the UK so can't help but here is a little 'bump':flowers:
  3. Barney's Seattle!

    There's also a great unconventional walking tour of seattle...I'll try to find a link

    Here's the link Seattle Underground Tour

    It's a lot of fun! (I visited Seattle last March and I loved it there) and of course..the space needle
  4. well, you have a few options..

    in case you want LV, here is the addy:
    [SIZE=-1]416 University St
    Seattle, WA 98101

    you can also go to [/SIZE][FONT=arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Pacific Place (they have Nordies here)
    Sixth Avenue & Pine Street
    Downtown Seattle

    and then, there's also the Bellevue Square, in case you want to look for more stuff.....

    hope you have fun...

  5. Downtown: LV, Barney's, Nordstrom, Mario's (my personal favorite 2nd floor is womens and the dresses are TDF!), Sway and Cake across from Nordstroms/Pacific Center.

    Wonderful sandwiches: Ill Fornaio self serve 1st floor Pacific Place Mall.

    Wonderful soups: Soups/US Bank Building/City Center next to Barneys Lobster Bisque yum yum.

    Ivar's for clamchowder Waterfront.
    PM me if you have any special requests eg bakeries, french cafes, etc.

    :smile: HTH
  6. Oh I forgot my favorite restaurant EVER

    It is called Wild Ginger. the food is soooo yummy! Don't miss it...It is really an experience

    Wild Ginger
  7. chanel is in nordstrom,
    LV is a couple blocks away.thats all I know! hehe
    sorry not much help. I'm bout 3 hours away and in another country .
  8. the flagship nordstrom's in downtown seattle. barney's is really small, but the handbag selection is decent. as stated before, lv and furla are around the area of barney's (need to look up exactly location). and for more independent designers such as goldenbleu, ananas, aaeneta, there's sway and cake on 6th and olive i believe (also near the nordstroms)

    agree with wild ginger, it's really yummy! the crumpet shop near pike's place have yummy freshly baked crumpets and delicious sandwiches.

    have fun!
  9. ive been there once, and fell in love with this little boutique.. called..... Goddess? i think thats it.. they sell designer stuff.... very cute! its been so long i forgot where it was.... maybe its a diff. name also.... lol but its somewhere along those lines LOVE it!
  10. These are great posts - enjoy your trip and bring an umbrella...and a smile!

    Pacific Place as mentioned is a must see. And there's a skybridge into the flagship Nordstrom's if the weather is bad.

    Skip the Space Needle - huge tourist trap. I'd suggest a walk through Pike Place Market (more down near the waterfront) any old day.
  11. Along with having the flagship Nordstrom, Seattle also has the largest Nordstrom Rack (Nordstrom's discount store) I've ever been to. It's a great place to find deals on Marc Jacobs (collection and marc by marc), Cynthia Rowley, Kate Spade, Celine, Hobo, and many others. It's right in downtown Seattle, but i'm not sure exactly where so you'll have to google if you're interested!
    I found my wonderful Tumi luggage set at the Seattle Rack for half the price the set is currently selling for at Neiman Marcus. I guess that's not technically a handbag, but it's in the same family!! :P
  12. ^^ Yes, the Rack rules! 2nd and Pine, just north of the downtown core.

    Google Maps

    As you can see on the map you can check out Pike Place Market and have a nice walk up the hill to the Rack...:yes:
  13. Take the Metro bus around downtown (it's free within downtown) just in case it rains. You should start your handbag fix on 5th and University where LV is located...right across is Escada and a small Barneys. Work your way to Pike/Pine St (you wont miss Nordstrom) all the ladies have mentioned here. I was at Nordstrom Rack last week and I saw MJ bags, Betsey Johnsons, Francisco Basia, Michael Kors, etc.

    I work in downtown Seattle and I see this duck tour bus and a double decker tour bus. I dont know if you want to ride on that for a preview of Seattle. Check out Belltown for local restaurants (Mama's serves authentic Mexican food; Wasabi Bistro has a great sushi combo lunch special; and there are plenty of bars and clubs in this area if you want to check out night life) ...Pioneer Square as mentioned earlier shows the old part of Seattle. I like walking here and checking out little shops here and there. On that part of town is where the baseball and football stadium (Safeco and Qwest Fields). Check out International District for some authentic Chinese / Vietnamese restaurants.

    Waterfront, an elevator ride away from Pike Place Market. You can find Seattle Aquarium, and other great Seafood restaurants...Elliot's, Anthony's, Crab Pot along waterfront. If you want to take a mini day cruise (Argosy Cruise)... you'll see Alki Beach, Elliott Bay, the boat houses, etc...

    And if you have a rental car, you should drive out to Snoqualmie Falls...approximately 30 mins east of downtown Seattle. Outlet stores is north on exit 200 (I-5) They have Coach, Burberry outlet stores.

    Anyway, I can go on and on. You should get the city pass for $35, I think. Have fun on your trip!
  14. yes! you have to visit the pike place market. esp if the weather is a good one. plus.. go to the first starbucks in the world! (located at pike place market). and.. of course you have to explore downtown seattle. go to chinatown too if you will. and have dimsum at jade garden. they have the best dimsum. hehe. hmms, you should also visit alki beach, queen anne. and all the above mentioned! enjoy ur trip and tell us how it went! :biggrin:
  15. There's a store called Ped Shoes in downtown Seattle. They have a website -if you look you can get the address (i'm not from there). It is the coolest place with great shoes and bags!!