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ATTN ALL Saleya PM/MM owners!


Jan 19, 2006
How much can you put in your bag? I'm trying to decide which bag to get. Also I read that the azur handle for the MM is longer? The PM is def NOT a shoulder bag right? can someone confirm this with me? Pics would be gladly appreciated =] Thanks


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Jun 1, 2006
I have the Saleya PM and it holds a ton. It is not a shoulder bag on me; it's too wide and structured at the bottom. That combined with relatively short handles makes it hit on the side of my body in an odd way. So, it's handheld or crook of the arm, and that's more than enough for me.

Here's what I can hold with plenty of room to spare:

cell phone
small water bottle

I even threw a small paperback in as well when I took it on a trip to Florida a couple weeks ago.


Jul 30, 2006
Here are fotos from the Visual Aids thread of the PM over the shoulder:




I want one!!!! Though I do think It might be a teeny bit uncomfortable if there are a lot of things inside... :shrugs:


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Aug 6, 2006
I can put the following in my Saleya MM (with the help of a large purseket) and use it as an everyday bag:
  • large sunglasses case
  • glasses case
  • wallet
  • Filofax (so old school! But I need my backup hard copy!)
  • Blackberry and chargers
  • cellphone and chargers
  • makeup bag
  • 3 bottles of vitamins
  • zip case for gift cards and membership cards (still trying to find the perfect case since a cles is much too small!)
  • case for Splenda packets
  • business card case
  • keys
  • spare keys
  • gum/mints
this only fills the bag halfway (from the bottom, of course) and there's tons more room for a couple of books, magazines, water bottle, (shoes?) etc., if carried as a handheld tote. As a shoulder bag, I like to keep the top half relatively flat so the bag stays tucked under my arm comfortably. If it is too stuffed, then it would be too thick for under the arm, KWIM?

I was tempted to buy the PM because it is so cute and elegant and also can be worn on the shoulder as well as on the arm and in the hand, but I really needed something bigger than my Cabas Piano. I also considered the GM as well because of the outside zipper and longer handles. I decided against the GM because it was really too big for my frame as an everyday bag and didn't look as good on my arm or in my hand.

And yes, the Azur MM handles are currently longer than the regular Damier MM, but in a few weeks the new Damier MM's will be arriving in the stores with the longer handles.

In any case, you can't go wrong with a Saleya!

Here are photos to let you see how big the MM really is! ;)


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  • Saleya model 2.jpg
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Aug 20, 2006
i used jojo's photos as a reference before i bought my mm. i think it looks great on her, and, i like it on me as well! i do not find it too huge at all. (i like big bags, but not HUGE bags.) I use a large purseket, but i don't need to, and it does hold alot, if i need it to. it's very comfortable, too. if the straps are sliding, i 'piggyback' them- put one on top of the other- and then they stay put nicely!
Oct 21, 2006
My Saleya PM holds the following:

Monogram Billfold Wallet
Monogram CC Holder
Palm Pilot
Small Makeup Bag
Large Sunglass Case
Navigation System (in case)
Mini Mono Cles (attached to D ring)
Coach Wristlet (filled with papers)
and while shopping, my keys with another cles attached

I wear it over my shoulder, even while wearing a coat.