"ATTN: ALL original GH lovers CLICK HERE! Balenciaga,please bring back GIANT HARDWARE

  1. Hah-you guessed one! :graucho:

    Boxermomof2- OMG that Pourpre. Stunning!
  2. Some of my x ones (minus the GGH Black City that i still have and LOVE).:sad: Look at the leather on Jaune. :loveeyes:This is the kind of leather i like. Come on Balenciaga.:p
    user15837_pic81436_1313942690.jpg user15837_pic81438_1313942819.jpg user15837_pic81443_1313943023.jpg user15837_pic81445_1313943707.jpg
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    Finally i dug up some old pictures and WOW i had too many gorgeous ones.:nuts: Out of all, i really really miss my GGH Sandstone Work, 07 GGH Black Work and GSH EB PT. I wish i could get them back but wishful thinking. :sad: Enjoy and thanks bella for this awesome thread.:hugs:
    First Part Times. 07 GGH Marine, 08 GSH Balck, GSH EB, & GSH Praline.
    IMG_2261 (2).JPG IMG_4600 (2).JPG IMG_6107 %282%29.JPG IMG_8648 (2).JPG
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    More Part Times.
    GGH Galet, GSH Pourpre, GSH BD, RGGH Anthra, & my second GSH Black.
    IMG_7188 (2).JPG IMG_7756 (2).JPG IMG_8026 (3).JPG IMG_8364 (2).JPG IMG_9059 (2).JPG
  5. Now the Works.
    GSH Marine, 07 GGH Black, GGH Natural, GGH Sandstone & my first GSH Jaune.
    img89122.jpg IMG_4145 (2).JPG IMG_2222 (2).JPG IMG_2924 %282%29.JPG IMG_4878 (2).JPG
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    More Works & Days.
    GSH Galet, GGH Aqua, GSH BL, 07 GGH Paprika, GSH Argent, GGH Cafe, GGH Sandstone, GSH Violet, GSH VF & GSH Black.
    IMG_7418 (2).JPG IMG_7907 (2).JPG IMG_7967 (3).JPG DSC_1451 (2).jpg img89022.jpg IMG_2036 (2).JPG IMG_2659 (2).JPG IMG_3234 (2).JPG IMG_3573 (2).JPG IMG_3843 (2).JPG
  7. Days and Cities.
    GGH Mastic, GGH EB, GGH VG, GSH Marine, GSH Mandarine, GGH Black Day.
    GGH Anthracite, GSH Sorbet, GGH Black, & GGH Turq. RTT.
    IMG_5058 (2).JPG IMG_4746 %282%29.JPG IMG_6001 (2).JPG IMG_6189 (2).JPG IMG_6799 (2).JPG IMG_8759 (2).JPG DSC_1362 (2).jpg IMG_7841 (2).JPG IMG_7895 (2).JPG IMG_7461 (2).JPG
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    Two Pompons.
    GGH Galet, and GSH Tempete.

    One Clutch.
    GGH Black Flat Clutch.

    07 GGH Anthra City.

    I thought looking at these gorgeous colors and hardwares would be fun and a reminder to me how much money i have spent on these bags.:nuts:
    IMG_7145 (2).JPG IMG_7673 (2).JPG IMG_4811 (2).JPG IMG_2502 (2).JPG
  9. :woot::woot::love::love:
    Nanaz!!!! You have some stunning pics there.
    Love them all! *faints*...
  10. OMG I am drooling over all of them but that EB!! Swoon!!!
  11. Nanaz: loving the shiny bright bags... wow what a collection
  12. nanaz - thanks for posting all of those long lost beauties all in one place!!! So many memories...
  13. Ooh, the VF Day! I die.
  14. My (4) GH Part Times :love::loveeyes:
    Cypress RGGH

    Seigle RGGH

    Blue Lavende RGGH

    Black GGH
  15. You are right BT. Those were the good old days. You should post more pictures of yours.;)