ATTN: all foot size 9/40 LV mommas!

  1. Those are HOT!!! I love them!! Half size too small!
  2. I'm size 9, but those are wayyyyy too tall for me!
  3. I agree these are HOT!
  4. FYI an euro 40 is a 9.5
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. those are HOT!! the patina on that amber bag is yummy.
  7. It's funny because now I'm crazy for bags with rich patina.
  8. Those are hot, but wayyy too tall!
  9. not my size or style but gorgeous none the less

    TDF if you don't mind the chiro bill that's bigger than the shoe bill :lol:
  10. I'm pretty sure that a 9.5 US is a 41 in EURO.
  11. My Aldo shoes that are size 40 are definitely not 9.5!
    I think they are just size 9.