ATTN: all Californians - new laws for 08!!

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  1. There are some new laws in effect for that I'm particularlly happy about is the first one!!

    New Laws Go Into Effect For Drivers, Bicyclists, Pedwayers

    New Smoking Restriction: California drivers will no longer be allowed to smoke in the presence of children under a new state law that took effect Tuesday. Drivers who are stopped for a traffic violation and found to be smoking in a vehicle where anyone under the age of 17 is a passenger will face a $100 fine.

    No Tricky Devices: Starting Tuesday, it is illegal to use or sell a product that impairs the reading of a license plate by electronic devices, such as red-light cameras and toll booth cameras. The fine for obscuring a plate is $146, and the fine for selling such a product is $900.

    False Registration Consequence: A new law allows peace officers to tow a vehicle that displays false registration, false license plates or fraudulent registration. The old law allowed officers to cite and tow cars with registration that was expired by more than six months.

    Slow Down: Drivers should also be prepared to slow down near schools. AB 321 now allows local jurisdictions to establish a speed limit of 15 mph within 500 feet of a school.

    No Street Racing: Under SB 67, police officers can now impound a vehicle for 30 days when a person is arrested for street racing, exhibition of speed or reckless driving.

    Bikers, Light Up: Bikers riding during darkness must use lights and reflectors while riding on highways, sidewalks or bikeways.

    Segway Safety: It is also illegal to operate an electric personal assistant mobility device, such as a Segway, at an unsafe speed for conditions, in a reckless manner or a speed that endangers the safety of others.

    Hands-Free In July: Later in the year, a state law goes into effect prohibiting drivers from using cell phones and other mobile devices, unless they are equipped with a hands-free speaking and listening system.

    No Cellies Under 18: That goes into effect on July 1. And at the same time, drivers under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use a wireless telephone or other mobile service device, even if it's hands-free, while operating a vehicle.
  2. Wow the cell phone under 18 law is ridiculous IMO. Good thing I'm 19 :yes:
  3. ^^ I don't think it's ridiculous. I live in the O.C and have seen way to many accidents/deaths from kids 18 and under caused by being on there phone. I know it can happen to someone at the age of 30 as well but compare it to drinking and why the legal age is at 21 and not 16.
  4. Here you can both drink and drive, allthough not at the same time, when you're 18...

    I don't find the ban of phone use for those under that age bad, it's protecting themselves as well. How they will keep people from doing this is a different matter though.

    It really puzzles me how people are not thought responsible enough drink alcohol but can be sentenced to death for a crimes they commited in some places though. :shrugs:
  5. lol, a segway law!
  6. I think the law for the 18 and cell phones is great! Driving under 18 makes you unexperienced no matter how much of a good driver you are. And if using a cell phone is distracting, by all means (IMO) take it away!! If they really need to make a call, pull over where it's safer!

    Nothing bad can happen from this.. Only good!

    And I loooove the whole not being able to smoke with kids in the car!! I mean, it reeks benefits for the health of the kids! (and the smoker!) ANNNND it's also not good to be preoccupied smoking when you should be driving. I mean what if you accidentally drop the cigarettes while you drive?? Hot hot hot!! It can cause you to swerve and get into an accident! Plus, you should never have any type of flame (or heat) near anything with gas (IMO).
  7. If there are teens that are so irresponsible when talking on their phones, what makes lawmakers think that they will be more responsible in just a YEAR later? I guess there is no other way to ensure that all teens under 18 use their phones in a responsible manner. It's just unfair to the few that are actually responsible when they use their cell phones in the car. It is pretty inconvenient but it will be much safer. I hope. I'm sure many won't even follow the law until they get caught.
  8. Personally, I think NO ONE should be allowed to use a cellphone while driving. I'm so sick of seeing people yak on the phone for no apparent reason instead of paying attention while they are driving!
  9. im not saying teens are irresponsible, just unexperianced. i mean no one can have "too much expericance" because accidents do happen (to everyone). i think lawmakers chosing to have the legal age to yap on the phone at 18 while driving is just so they have an age to chose to have it legal to finally do something that comes with more responsibility. sort of like smoking at the age of 18?? or being able to go into the army and stuff like that. ITA that a lot of teens wont follow it, but like i said previously, it cant do any harm.

    i dunno if i made any sense.. haha. but im sure you get the picture. hehehee!
  10. I absolutely agree!
  11. I agree, NO ONE, regardless of age should be able to use their phone while driving. If you have bluetooth in your car and it's "hands free" it doesn't mean that you are focusing on the road either. Only half of your mind is focused on driving anyway because you are trying to have a conversation. I'm sick of car accidents in general, there are so many irresponsible adults AND teens..everyone should have to sacrifice the usage of cell phones while driving, not just those under 18.
  12. when you have only been driving for a year or 2, one year can make a tremendous amount of difference. i'm all for restricting telephone usage for under 18, they need to learn to drive..not how to manage their cell phone and drive.
  13. Great laws!!!!! With the smoking law I almost thought it was going to say 'No smoking in your car period' LOL You know CA will be the first state to pass something like that!! Ahhh I miss CA!

    The cell phone laws are great! NO ONE should be able to talk on a phone. Just the act of having a conversation (hands free or not) impairs your driving some cases equal to that of being under the influence of alcohol!
  14. Bravo!
  15. Couldn't agree more! Although I don't agree with the smoking law. It is the parents choice (whether it be good or bad) to smoke in the presense of their children.