ATTITUDE at BalNY.....

  1. Okay - I called BalNY a couple weeks ago looking for a certain color bag. I was very clear on what I was looking for in the way of color, leather etc..., and I also mentioned that I was looking for a 2nd color that she said they were out of.

    The SA that I spoke with emailed me 2 pictures of the bag (1st color). Both pics were taken in crummy light and the leather on the bag looked all dry and washed out. That same day, I found a bag online and bought it (1st color). Then, the next day, I found another bag that I had been searching for for awhile (one of my HG's) and bought that one too.

    Yesterday the SA called me and was very cheery and friendly when she informed me that they had gotten in lots of bags in the 2nd color I was looking for. Well, after purchasing the two online, I really can't justify another purchase this month, so I told her that I would have to wait a month or two. Her attitude immediately changed...suddenly she was cold and snotty and acted like she couldn't be bothered to take the few minutes to listen to my explanation.

    So....I am thinking that I will probably call AR instead of BalNY when I am ready to get another bag.

    Is it just me or do these SA's need to learn how to treat potential customers?
  2. The only thing I've every purchased from BalNY was spare tassels and the SA that helped me was very friendly. I agree that some of the SA's there are not too hospitable. I've called them for other things and the one SA that I seem to always get was snooty and didn't want to give me the time of day. I can't tell you how many times I have called or emailed AR to ask them for pics or about a certain bag and they are always eager to help and are very patient. My next bag will probably be from AR. It's really a shame about BalNY though because they carry different colors and styles that AR doesn't have but in the end, the 3% discount, free shipping and excellent service will always be a winner for me! :tup:
  3. Don't you love the AR customer service, I can only say that AR really makes the purchase so much wonderful.
  4. I have purchased 4 bbags from AR and I love the leather/color on each of them and their service is superb!!! I've also purchased from BalNY and they have been nice to me, but something about AR is so welcoming. I'm also partial to AR because I'm not crazy about the leather on the 2 bags I have that came from BalNY.
  5. Agree.
  6. Yes, AR totally kicks butt. Everytime I call BNY, (which isn't often, mind you) I feel like I'm bothering them.

    Me...? Bothering them?!
  7. what's AR? :confused1:
  8. My experience has been similar. In fact, I am waiting for my first AR bag right now. I can't wait to see the leather. The first time I tried to buy a black city from AR, they told me that I should wait because even though they had the bags, the leather wasn't nice. I think the first time I talked to BNY, I asked about the leather on a bag and the SA told me all the leather was the same. ???
  9. Aloha Rag:smile:
  10. hi Allisonfaye, may i ask which season's bag are you holding out for? tia!
  11. I guess I'll be the one person to say that my first and only so far experience at balnyc was a great one. The SA was very nice/helpful and brought me out all the colors/styles/and extra of the same color/style so I could choose. I must admit that I went in knowing what I wanted and knowing quite a bit about balenciaga by that point.. but it was still a fine/good experience
  12. ooh...
    I am planning to order a bag from BalNY. I spoke with a SA twice on 2 different days and she was quite nice. What kind of things should I be looking for in terms of the leather being nice? (btw this is my first bbag..kinda new at this..
    Should I be afraid to order from BalNY?
  13. I am not saying that you should not order bags from BalNY. I am sure that there are plenty of people who have had positive experiences ordering bags from them. I just think it would be better (for me personally at least) to be there in person to see the bags rather then to order over the phone. I hesitate to order over the phone from them because as I said, I had a lengthy conversation with the SA and was very clear on what color and type of leather I was looking for but was disappointed with the pics she sent (only 2 and obviously dry, cracked leather). When I told her I would have to wait to purchase a bag, it seemed like she was no longer interested in me as a potential customer. I just think that I could have and should have received better customer service.
  14. The service when you go in person is nothing to write home about as well. You still get that sense of coldness and indifference when you are choosing a bag. If you ask for an opinion, it's always along the lines of "well, whatever works best with you". Then once you've purchased the bag (and of course, they conveniently "forget" to tell you their 10 day, twice in a lifetime only exchange only policy), they just wave you away and disappear in that bloody back room, leaving you all alone. By the way, I've been there 3-4 times, so it's not like my experience there is based on one isolated incident.

    It's sad because I love Balenciaga, and their selection is unparalleled. But because of their awful attitude, I refuse to shop there. No one wins in this situation.
  15. I agree that the customer service at BalNY isn't great! One the other hand, I asked AR to see a picture of the back of a bag that I'm interested in, and was told that there was only the one pic of the front!!!?? Are they not able to take another pic? I'm disappointed!