Attitude about repairs

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  1. I've been waiting for several months for a replacement strap to replace e defective strap on my empreinte speedy. When I called today to check status, the SA proceeded to interrogate me on my prior repairs: "didn't you also get a replacement credit for a lumineuse? Didn't we replace the strap on your neverfull?" I said "yes, those repairs were years ago and have nothing to do with the current repair, unfortunately I've had a number of issues on my LV items." The truth is that of the 30+ items I've purchased from LV, these are the only three I've brought in for repair and they were all known defects. Now I'm feeling annoyed that I was made to feel bad about bringing an item in for repair. Unfortunately I'm also having a problem with an empreinte twinset and now I feel like I'd rather just live with it than bring it in and face the condescending attitude.
  2. this is unfortunate. i love my bags and am willing to spend $$$ on them, but i would expect a courteous and supportive response when there is a problem. maybe find another sa? i have found a pretty big span of attitudes between sa's that i have encountered. some are so helpful and others have shown some attitude. i say, find another sa or maybe another boutique?
  3. So what was the response after you told them those were the past issues and now you're dealing with the present issue? And did you get a response on why are they stalling on the strap? I wouldn't live with whatever issue your now having with your Twinset either. Hold your head high and politely go in and show them the issue. Then see which direction it leads. Hopefully in the right direction and if not steer them in the right direction.
  4. Don't give into that stuff. You're a paying customer. If something is wrong, something is wrong, and they won't be aware of problems if customers don't give feedback. I also feel that the CS is different today then how it used to be. Unfortunately... I would tell them about the empreitnte too. Don't beat yourself up!:smile:
  5. well said!! I agree 1000% don't let them make you doubt yourself.
  6. Sorry you went through that. Honestly, it never fails to amaze me how some sales people can make you feel as if they're doing YOU a favor by allowing you to spend your money in giving THEM business. Please don't allow a sour grape hanging in the vineyard spoil your entire wine (I just came up with that terrible analogy but I hope you get the gist...)
  7. Thank you all so much for your supportive comments! I was starting to doubt myself. I read other threads where someone is worried about getting something defective and others respond "don't worry, LV will take care of it if you have a problem" and I really can't say the same. Of these three problems I've had which were clear obvious defects, it's been a battle each time to get the repair approved. And they were all relatively new bags.

  8. Love that quote! I'm going to steal it. :smile:
  9. Yea they give a load of sh every time I need something repaired. They always blame it on me saying I need to take better care of my stuff and not be rough. I don't like paying thousands to be guilt tripped. It's really annoying.

  10. LOL. So true!
  11. The worst is when they guilt trip me for using things daily. It's like what else am I suppose to do with it? Just stare at it with the dust cover on?

    I don't like people telling me how to use my stuff.
  12. Report to customer service! You are the one who paid for the bags, don't feel guilty.
  13. I think I would write a letter to the manager of that store and complain about your treatment from the SA, I would also include in the letter that you've bought over 30+ LV items. I would not be happy with being spoken to like that at all.

    I don't think 3 repairs from over 30 items is excessive, I'd be taking in your twinset to be looked at too. I've only got 3 items and one of mine is in being repaired at the moment.

    You've done nothing wrong and don't let them make you think that you have. I would seriously consider changing boutiques.

  14. They did that with me too. On the neverfull, I think they pulled the entire lining out and inspected it and then approved the repair because they could tell I hadn't used it much.
    I'll go in this weekend to pick up my strap and will report back on how it goes. Can't decide whether to bring the twinset at the same time or bring it to another location which is less convenient but has a nicer SA that has helped me with a couple of purchases.
  15. My suggestion is to directly ask for the most senior SA when you walk in.

    They are usually nicer and are able to continue to work there because they are nice or know how to play the game.