attention twiggers (and anyone else who cares hehe): my new CoH naomi jeans

  1. yay for new jeans!:yahoo::love:

    they are low rise flares that fit just like ingrids in the madrid dark wash...i :heart: the pockets.

    i want to wear them....but 1) they're hiding from hubby :shame: and 2) the SA forgot to take the security tag off!! :rant: so i have to wait until the next time i go to portland. *le sigh* oh well. they're still cute! maybe i can find a place around here that uses the same security tags...or does anyone else have a DIY suggestion? the girl at Nordstrom customer service said that a strong magnet will do the trick but i don't have one of those....
    PICT0001.JPG PICT0005.JPG
  2. oooohhh they are cute!!!! And I love stretch jeans!

    About the tag...I had this happen to me at Old Navy before....maybe take them to the mall near you (with your receipt) and try Macys or Penney's or somewhere...maybe their magnet remover thingy will work!

    And thank you soooooo much for posting pics!

    Also...not to be rude..but how much was retail on them?