Attention !! Toyota Prius Owners.....

  1. What do you LOVE/HATE about your car? Does it really get 55-61 mpg? :shrugs:
    I'm curious to know your stories/opinions/comments about owning this hybrid.

    I'm soooooooooo tired of paying upwards of $3.00/gal. for gas.......I'd rather spend it buying bags !!!.........thanks in advance!!

    Toyota Prius....:tup: OR :tdown: ?
  2. Well, you're still going to be paying $3 a gallon for gas... ;) I have a 2005 Prius - it's not bad, I drive it almost exclusively on the freeway and get 49 mpg. The biggest plus is that I bought it early enough to get the carpool lane pass, which is heaven. It's not a style I would have chosen if it weren't for the mileage - but I'm finding I really like having all that room in the back. It does have an odd downside, though - at very low speeds (e.g. in parking lots) it's silent, and so pedestrians aren't aware it's there.
  3. I have a 2007 toyota prius and I love it. It is so economical on gas, I had an audi a4 before, which was also a great car, but was heavy on fuel- in comparison I feel as if I hardly ever have to go refuel now. I tend to get 50 mpg, but don't make any effort to drive fuel efficiently. If I make a concerted effort to conserve fuel and use battery power I can get 60mpg and upwards.

    It is a really comfortable car, nice and spacious, and it is a really smooth drive. The absolute best thing about it though is the rear parking camera- when you go into reverse the screen on the dashboard shows you a camera view from the back bumper of the car. It can also park itself, but I have never been brave enough to try that, DH has and it is amazing to watch: This doesn't come with all models (ours is the T spirit).

    You pay a bit more when you buy it than an equivalent non hybrid car, but it is so economical to run that it all balances itself out.

    I adore my toyota prius, its environmentally friendly, reliable, comfortable and cheap to run.
  4. My dad has a 2003 Prius, and I drive it around A LOT. I don't exactly know how the MPG are, but, I know he fills up weekly, and, while it costs me in my Scion Tc 30 bucks for gas, it costs him more like 22 or something like that. The car does not pick up very fast, that part sucks. Esp if it's full of people and luggage. It's very roomy, great for trips (we've taken that car from Florida to Maine!!) comfortably fits 5 people. I kind of wish now that I had requested a prius instead of my scion when I turned 18 b/c gas is KILLING me!
  5. I have one, and I LOVE it! I pay 30-40 bucks a month on gas. My best avg mpg's are to work (53), and home to Indiana (61.7!). LouiseyPeasey was right though, I would get annoyed with people in parking lots for not getting out of the way, then I realized it was because no one could hear me coming! They are also much roomier than they look. I can comfortably fit me, FH, and all of our furbabies in it for a long trip.
  6. I used to have a 2005 Prius (with a carpool sticker!!!!) and I loved it. Easy to drive, park, loved the nav system, etc. Gas mileage is better on the freeway but there are people who've perfected the art of driving the Prius to maximize mileage. If you're used to a high-powered engine (sports car, V8, etc) it will take a while to get used to the Prius but it does just fine.

    There are so many options now with hybrid Toyotas: Prius, Highlander, Camry...
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
    I hear that Toyota will officially drop the 2008 Prius prices to a mere $20K, for an entry-level one. I am thinking that this car has alot of benefits in general....
  8. Have you looked into turbo diesels? They get roughly the same amount of MPG. VW TDI's get around 45 diesel's a bit cheaper per least it was.
  9. I have a 2007 Prius that I :love: :love: :love:!!!!
    It doesn't get 55-61 mpg, but I spend about 1/3 of what I used to spend at the pump-much more $$ left over for shoes!!
    My only complaint is that it doesn't come in pink!! :roflmfao:

  10. ^^^^^
    funny, trueblue,
    I was thinking to myself, how drab the colors were.....!!!!
  11. omg! i :heart: my prius! lets see if i can list all the reasons why!:

    1. i personally love the colors...the green color is my fave, i actually have a blue color. i get a lot of compliments on how cute and sporty it is.

    2. its so spacious...i love the hatchback. let me tell you, i drove out from new jersey to iowa and brought along my entire shoe collection, bag collection, and the majority of my wardrobe...and it all fit! granted, my mom had to do it for me because my packing skills are definitely not up to par, but the point is, the car is very spacious - deceptively so!

    3. the drive is so smooth. yes the engine is super quiet and people won't hear you...but it drives really well!

    4. the mileage makes it so worth it. i have a 2004 model and i get about 40-50 on highways and 50-60 on local roads. when i try to maximize my fuel efficiency i get a higher mpg. but i don't know how my mpg compares to everyone else since my model is slightly older and i use gas that contains ethanol, which changes the octane level.

    5. i never have to take my keys out of my handbag...its a small thing, but it makes a difference!

    i guess thats all i can think of...i'm sure there are tons more reasons. also, the resale value is excellent, because its a hybrid. i'm likely going to trade my car in in a couple of years and actually get a decent amount of money towards my next prius. i guess the only bad thing is that i have quite a bit of mileage on it since we always take my car for road trips!
  12. In New England, it gets 44 in the summer and 38 in the winter. Although, sometimes when coasting down flat roads it reports 99 :tup:
  13. i love the car, but it does have a lot of blind spots...
  14. One of my good friends drives one and she absolutely loves it! It does get great gas mileage. I on the other hand drive a '08 Yaris Sedan and get about 36mpg! It's the car right below a hybrid. :love:
  15. I want a Prius so bad! Im going to see if I can get a 2007 one in blue. Or check out the new one thats coming out soon. Not to hijack the thread, but how do you pronounce Prius? My friend says it like pree us. I say pry us.