Attention Toronto Shoppers!!

  1. There's an AWESOME new store in Yorkville.

    Second Time Around - 113 Yorkville, 3rd floor.

    The stairs are a pain in the ass, but it's sooooo worth it. It's next door to Over the Rainbow, and there are so many yummy bags in there it's disgusting.

    They're all second hand, except for a Chloe in a beautiful auburn brown colour with a Net-A-Porter tag on it. (Don't know the colour - I'm Chloe-ignorant).

    There were several Balenciagas.. I saw a mint green / olive twiggy, and a black city - both old leather. YUM.

    There was also a Cerises Speedy in MINT condition for like, $1000 I think - CANADIAN!!!!

    Yay for this store!
  2. Wow!
  3. Sounds great ... I wonder if they have a website up. I would love to see the bags they have for sale.
  4. dad's going to Toronto next week!!!!!!! :nuts:
  5. I wonder if they guarentee authenticity.
  6. I believe they do.

    I've long been an excellent authenticator of LV and they were all spot on.

    Really nice stuff. Great prices. It's weird, I know.
  7. I wonder if there is any shops like "second time around" in Montreal?
  8. ARHH!! I was just there last night and I was in Over The Rainbow too!!! If only I saw this post a little sooner :sad:

    I have GOT to make another trip there!! Thanks for sharing! :amuse:
  9. Just been talking to the owner and she guarentees the authenticity of her bags. :shocked::shocked:
    Are you the person that authenticates her LV? She says she takes the bags to other stores to do the rest. She has a Maroon Silverado that is too die for. She also still has the LV cerises:amazed:. Its not my style but I am tempted just to get a bargin.
  10. I've been longing for the LV Cerises forever and it always goes too high on ebay for my you know if she does phone orders or ships to the US?

    if i had the time (and could somehow expain to my DH...) I'd fly from NY to Toronto and buy that bag! Even with airfare it's still a deal!
  11. Sent you a PM