Attention Toilet Case Owners

  1. I usually never like to part with any balenciaga accessories, but, I really haven't been using my toilet case. So, I'm wondering what does everyone use their toliet case for? Do you carry it by itself as a clutch? use as a makeup bag? or put in your bbag? I really need to put some good use to it. :yes:
  2. I'm on the hunt for a small toilet case in Naturel, and my intention is to use it as a make-up bag. And then if I get others in the future, I will use them for a variety of things, like band aids, sewing supplies, etc.
  3. What color do you have? I have a grenat one and a large black toilet. I just got my grenat one and I will use it in my purse but my large toilet is more for traveling but it's just too big for me and I hate to keep it when I know I will never use it. I like the smaller one better!
  4. I have a small greige one.
  5. I carry mine in my bag every single day. I keep all kinds of random things in it. I have band-aids, excedrin, tampons, dental floss, mints, gum, extra keys, compact and lip gloss, hair elastics, small comb, nail file, and lots of other little things. It really keeps my bag organized!
  6. i don't have a toilet, it is a cute acces, but i find that the shape is too deep to put in my bag :p
  7. I carry my truffle toilet case in my bag every day -- it is filled with cords for my iPod, cell phone charger, laptop cord(s), breathe mints, anti-bac wipes and lotion.

    It carries ALOT!
  8. Clever... Now I want one, too!
  9. I'm like lori, I keepall my essential items in it and use it everyday...but not when I carry my first, as it is a little to chunky for it! It helps to keep my BBags much more organised, I highly recommend getting one!:yes:
  10. I thought it only came in one size... can anyone give the approximate measurements??
  11. I love the toilet~ I love that it has depth. I like the shape alot. I love how it can stand up b/c it is very boxy. I like that it is fairly small but can store a lot.
  12. I have a sapin toliet case and I love her! I use her as a cosmetic case for: dental floss, travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste, MAC blotting power, Invisalign storage case, stray bandages, L'Occitane lotion, and travel size Aleve. :yes:
  13. It comes in 2 sizes. The smaller one measures 4.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 and the large one measures 4.75 x 11 x 6. Here are some pics.


  14. I've been on the hunt for one because I'm tired of using my Black Shoulder as the "catch-all" for all my various sundry items. On the other hand, I do use the Black Shoulder if I'm on business and going out for dinner on the town ... but I really want the Toilet Case so that I can truly use it for make-up related *stuff*.

    Oh yeah ... does the Toilet Case have an interior that is spill-tolerable???
  15. Yes, the inside is not the black cotton but more of a durable fabric. I'm not sure if it is waterproof though.