Attention to those looking for Citta/Citta rosa and foresta in Stores!

  1. Hi guys, I'm back with good news.

    First off, Lesportsac has agreed to replace my lost order with whatever they have left.

    Second, I found LOTS of Citta Rosa Nuvolas and Corrieres at the Century 21 store for $110 plus tax!
    I was surprised at how small the nuvola was and how big the corriere was!! Print placement is mostly on street and has few full faced girls on front..

    There were a couple of Citta bags in nuvola and scuola for 105-110

    There was one foresta Scuola- missing qee for 105

    There might be more in other branches. This is the one in NYC- Don't think they chargesend....

    For those looking for denaros: There's LOTS at the Virgin mega store for full price- lots of good print placement- they also have portatelefonos and caramellas in inferno/paradiso, pirata and AMORE! Bianco bocces and caramellas.
    They carry the chief, peach and cactus girl hoodie for 75- no tax
    Tees are 29

    PM me for more info.

    Or ask someone else who lives in NYC!

    Oh, Storm hoodie for $88 still at UO

    Hope this helps those who are interested :smile:
  2. Did they have Inferno denaros?
  3. I really want a denaro with Sandy and adios and ciao ciao. Thanks for all the info. What is Century 21?
  4. Century 21...think Fire Sale on all big name brands. Great store to visit if you're in NYC...:smile:
  5. SempreII:yay youre back! well i hope the ones that you are getting have good prints...
  6. I wish we had one here!
  7. me, too...although i'm broke enough as it
  8. Thanks Vmasterz, you're always so warm and welcoming!
    I got my first foresta there!!! I took the last nuvola...and i got a citta rosa corriere!!!It has the pink girl on it. I didn't think i would like it but it makes a great across-body bag! There were a few more of these with the pink girl but not on the front pocket.

    I didn't really get to check for any smaller bags or items there today, because I got there 20 mins before closing. I wanted to take pics for you guys.

    As for Denaros at Virgin...They have every tokidoki print after the Playground season, meaning: inferno/paradiso/pirata/adios/amore/bianco/arancia (there must have been at least 50 of them scattered around the store)

    Oh yea...there were ALOT of arancia bags in nuvola, zucca and more- didn't pay that much attention to those. There were many other lesportsac bags too- I would say are 20-50 plus tax (at century21 You have to go into the store to buy stuff though. They have too much to stuff in the store to put online or help you out over the phone.

    The stuff at virgin is full price but has tons of accessories with good print placement- I saw one with Sandy!! However, if stuff a couple of weeks, there might be a spring sale or something and those items are usually included. I got a TD shirt there once for $6.00 no tax!

    I didn't see any ciao ciaos but I heard in bloomies there is a sale on tokidoki from a lady looking at the stuff in virgin who was planning to get it for her niece.
  9. If you guys want, I'm going back there tomorrow. I'll try to take picks and if you want something, PM me and I can work something out for you. i can only go there on friday and weekends though.
  10. :welcome: :biggrin: ...Oh I want to see your Foresta Nuvola! Congrats on your new bags :yahoo: ..I no longer want a Foresta Nuvola I guess..cuz I'm getting a Inferno one :lol:...Inferno is my new :love: :lol:
  11. Actually, I don't think Virgin charges tax on their accessories. At least the one downtown. They might at the megastore...
  12. I think it's become mine too...!! Paradiso was my favorite, but once my Inferno BV arrived I was smitten! *lol* Oh, the confusion I must endure!!! :roflmfao:
  13. I'll post pics soon. I'm going back to buy more tomorrow. I guess you know that inferno nuvolas are 138 at the SH store, but yesterday someone won one for 102.50.
    I love inferno too, but 2 bags is enough for me. Actually my zucca by itself satisfies me, but I came across a bambinone in person and couldn't resist...i also have a braccialetto I don't know when to use. LOL

    Oh, and the SA at the SH factory store said theyhave lots of paradiso/fumo/inferno nuvolas, so if you wait 2 months..if that's possible, it'll be 50% off for sure.
  14. Im now looking for a Inferno Stellna, but the outlets are all out!! Not even evilbay has them :crybaby: Well I had Lindsey from SH search for a nuvola with the watermelon guy w/blue soccer devil in the front--she only found one out of all I had to buy it I asked the outlets if the Infernos are going to be 50% off, they said no, cuz its selling too well...though you never know...maybe they are just saying that to me so I can buy now:confused1: :lol:
  15. Hmm... True. I think Lindsey knows more about them. I think Joy or Shauna told me there were a lot, but that was a couple of weeks ago. I was really close to buying an inferno nuvola too, but refrained because I already have a zucca, and don't want to repeat bag style or prints too often. They're sooo Small! I was surprised. They look so big in pictures. The scuola by comparison is much bigger!
    I think after this week, I just have to wait around for an amore... I think I might get an adios campeggio/stellina depending on the deal too (Canguro for the
    I'm also starting to like the original print because of this forum. I didn't like it for the longest time, except for the colorful cactus boy, but it's growing on me now. The bocce bag is alot bigger than I thought, I like it better than my portatelefono...I wish i bid more on that citta rosa one which sold for 30...:push:
    Oh wellz..anyhow COngrats on your purchase!!!!!
    When are you expecting your bag? How long does it take to ship there?