attention to the owner whom owned 'Demi Lune'

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  1. Hi guys!! :upsidedown:

    I just want to know how you can put stuff in this bag?

    is this similar to monogram pochete?

    as I am interested to buy this bag at eBay but not sure if a lot stuff would be fit in this bag?

    i am always put overload stuff in my big bag everyday essential especially are;
    - umbrella - always carrying everyday! lol! I didn't trust the weather news!
    - magazine
    - long zipped wallet
    - mobile
    - compact digital camera
    - lipgloss
    - a pen + post it note
    - mp3 player (small one)
    - a small cosmetic pouch
    - keyring
    - sunglasses with its box

    however I can vision on this bag only fit;
    - billfold purse
    - lipgloss
    - keyring
    - pen + paper
    - mobile

    but I can't live without sunglasses with its box and mp3 player!!

    I would be appreciate to hear your opinion and show your example pictures

    thank you so much :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Hi, I've 2 Demi-Lune ( vanilla & mocha ) & actually I only use them as evening bag (sometimes ) and pouchette for cosmetics.

    I'll model you tomorrow but I really not sure you can put your sunglasses as the bag too narrow and will broke your sunglasses. MP3 player is OK. How if you change your wallet with compact or another slight wallet? Billfold make it full :p

    Hope this help :smile:
  3. Hi LvGoDiva and thank you :flowers:

    u mean other purse style such as Ludlow or Pochette Cles?
    sorry I don't like coins make dirty inside so it's better to have separate slot for cards, money and coins as like PTI and Billfold :yes:
  4. Hi, I mean other sleek wallet such as Porte-Yen & cc, European check book wallet, etc
  5. Hi LvGoDiva,

    thank you so much respond,
    after the consideration that I won't buy that small pochette style bag

    too much hassle think what should I put stuff there!!

    also waste money if that bag will be sit the wardrobe for a long time hence not often wear for party events!