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  1. Item: Chanel Jumbo Handbag (Authentic Chanel)
    Listing number: 150502182294
    Seller: amzzie80
    Comments: Are they 100% authentic?
    The Bag comes from Austrailia.
    Beside this grey lambskin jumbo, I have bought two chanel bags in the past.(one from POLAND and 2nd one from AUSTRAILIA)
    When I received both of the bags, I was so disappointed because it was so fake and had to return both of them. The time I consumed was such a waste. I am still waiting for my money to be refunded through paypal. It's been over a MONTH AND A HALF!
    So, I am very concenred about buying bags especially outside of the U.S.

    This bag looks ok but the bottom part looks somehow very hard,thick and not 100% chanel genuine lambskin leather.

    Please AUTHENTICATE this one.
    Thanks! :smile::smile::smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.