Attention: The Over 40 Crowd:

  1. Hello. I'd love to hear from any of you who are over 40 now, for the express purpose of expressing your opinions of how your taste has changed in bags.

    For me, (at 50 years old now)--I'm the artsy-fartsy type, always will be, BUT, I used to just buy on a whim, many times purchasing cheap stuff, and have thrown out just this past week 22 bags, brought to a consignment store, all the cheap, fun, thrill of the moment purchases. How I wish I could be the type who only bought 1 nice bag for the entire year, but I'm not this way. I'm learning though, and I want to learn.

    Since I've gotten older now, and really "come into my own", I really have learned how quality lasts, and how it's better to have 1 nice quality leather bag, rather than 4 lesser cheap ones. How some things never go out of style. Like the Hermes Kelly Bag (my absolute favorite)---- I hope to learn even more about this, but am afraid yes, I am a shopaholic, for whatever reason or can very well be at times.

    Would like to hear from you....... what have you learned at 40 and after about your shopping for bags habit?

    Thanks much.:yes:
  2. I'm way over 40. Agree with you on learning the value of quality over quantity, tho I never owned a lot of bags. Unlike you, I always bought "safe" colors and conservative styles, so they would go with everything. But they just looked boring. Now, in addition to black and brown, I have a green bag, a couple different blue/turquoise bags, and a purple :yes: wallet. Best of all, I've learned not to feel guilty about what I carry--I enjoy my handbags.
  3. I'm over 40, and I have one LV, but I really like carrying slightly funky bags more! But I love good quality leather bags, but I hate spending over $500 on any bag because I get tired of the same ones quickly. I like muted metallics also, or maybe a green, but nothing showy. I just wear jeans otherwise, so it's gives me some fun!!
  4. Totally agree with you both. I am over 40 and now believe in quality first. I don't mind paying for a quality designer bag. i used to buy on a whim and came to realize that I had a closet full of cheap bags. Now I spend more money and buy what I like. Buying quality is the way to go.
  5. I am 51 and for as long as I can remember I've bought one nice purse per year, carried it exclusively for a year, then given it away and bought another. One thing I've learned over the years is that I have certain requirements in a purse, and under no circumstances will I compromise those requirements just because I like the way a bag looks. Some of those requirements are: a purse big enough to carry what I need/want to carry, it has to be a shoulder bag, shoulder straps must be long enough to be comfortable. In the past few years I've added the requirement that the purse must have at least one outside pocket - I got tired of fishing around in my purse for my car keys. I have never liked or carried a bag with obvious logos all over it, nor will I carry a bag that's easily recognizable and generic due to its proliferation. I didn't always feel that way, one year I carried a very common style of Dooney and Bourke bag, and another year a Kate Spade bag. Guess now I look for something a little more unique, or at least something that I won't see 3 or more of being carried by others in an outing.

    I know some folks have many bags and carry a different bag each day. I admire the person motivated enough to do that, but for me, it's just a matter of grabbing my bag and leaving the house. I can't imagine shifting my stuff from one bag to another on a regular basis.
  6. I'm over forty, and my taste has definitely changed over the years. I used to have a lot of Kate Spade -- acquired from friends in the company -- and loved them. But have traded up to LV and such in the past eight years. I think getting older made me more aware of wanting things that would not be "in" one week, "out" the next, but that would endure the test of time stylishly -- kind of like what I hope I can do!

    Yet I still like changing my bag on an almost daily basis. It keeps me organized and it's indulgent and frivolous in a way that a 40+ gal like me needs. I don't want to be too serious!
  7. I don't know that my taste has changed all that much. I sill avoid certain brands because they seem too staid (most Chanel) and I never liked logos or too obvious a signature on a handbag. In my crowd, I find that most people CAN'T recognize a Balenciaga, one of my favorite brands, nor a YSL bag (another of my favorite brands), not even a Muse. Although I am very interested in fashion, most of the people I know are pretty oblivious of which designer does what. My friends are affectionately bemused at me and will ask about something I'm wearing/carrying and that's usually the first they've heard about it. I am amused that at this point my husband will notice bags and ask me--which designer made that bag--when we're out somewhere. He actually knows a lot of the names, even though his own taste runs more towards Brooks Brothers.
  8. Well, I am not over 40 (sorry!) but Ingrid I can empathize with you anyway!

    I used to buy heaps of vintage leather bags from eBay and second-hand stores and surround myself with tons of bags I only semi-liked.

    However when I turned 25, I sort of subconsciously and consciously decided that things had to change. I too sold or donated ALL of my bags and bought one LV epi Alma.

    Now I only have 2 bags; the Alma and a Chanel clutch for evening. Although I do want more (but am a poor student) I am still so happy with these two bags and get a huge thrill out of carrying them!

    So, the moral of the story is, for me anyway, less is more!
  9. I'm over 50 and I can't imagine what I was thinking - even 10 years ago, buying bags with no real history or quality - I am so into beautifully made, high quality bags now and I am enjoying the hell out of it. This forum has encouraged me to look into the designers (I just came back from a Balenciaga retrospective in Paris) and the history of their work. It gives me pride in ownership. I think my handbag collection is worth more than my jewelry (which is still a bit quirky). Fortunately I have 2 granddaughters so there is a future for all this beautiful stuff.
  10. Hey - five or 50. Who the H cares. If you love it - wear it. As someone posted in a different thread a while back - I am much less likely to see a designer bag on someone "older" and think it's a fake. You figure at a certain age, someone is more likely to invest in the real deal.

    I can't say that my taste in handbags has changed very much since I have gotten older (34...:shame: ) but my ability to invest in what I really love, has. Even though I might be able to afford much more - I am very picky about what I'll spend wads of $$ on. Money is still money, and I'm not flippant about spending.
  11. Hi all you lovely, "grown-up" girls out there, I've reach the age of 45 and feel I should be a mature, sensible woman now, but I'm still waiting for it to happen...:smile: After years of sinking all our cash into looking after our kids and house, we're finally in a position to be a bit more frivolous and when my husband bought me a lovely Gucci last Christmas, I was hooked again..something just shifted in me when I walked out with that massive Gucci shopper and I wowed to have a nice bag every year! In my twenties, the LV Noé, was hugely popular (mine was left in my mother's house, totally worn out and trashed from being dragged around all over the place..(I know, all you LV lovers, how could I..) and what I love about that bag (and lots of other LV) is that it's still a great bag after all these years and I'm going to get another one! So I guess that just proves my taste hasn't changed that much, plus some pieces last and is worth the (hideous) expense. What has changed, is how I look after my bags!! Not that I've got that many (yet), but this time around they will be treasured, so I guess coming of age has it's positives...., take care, everybody:smile:
  12. Hello all,

    I'm 48 and I only recently started collecting high-end designer bags. I used to have many bags that were not first quality.

    Then, I moved to D & B and then to Coach.

    I love the high end bags imparticularly Gucci, Chanel and LV.

    I feel that I'm buying quality and most of my bags are very timeless and classic. I don't buy too many trendy bags.

    I tend to stick with more basic colors like tan, chocolate and black.

    At this point in my life, my children are all grown and I don't have any grandchildren. So, I feel like it's time for me now. So, I try to buy what I like and something that I can use forever. It's also a nice thought to know that sometime either my daughter or hopefully grandchildren will get these bags. I'm very proud of my bags and luckily it's my only addiction.

    It sounds like many of us are similar situations and it's just time for us now.

    Good thread.
  13. I've always had a love affair with handbags. When I was in my twenties I enjoyed Coach bags. In my thirties I started to be more interested in designer bags. Now at 43 I've amassed quite a collection. My collection is varied in style and colors. I have some trendy bags, such as the Dior Gaucho, and classics, such as my black Hermes Kelly.
  14. i too am well over 40. my first designer bag was an LV at 27. i was so excited because it was so gorgeous and "in" - i only knew it from the fashion mags and no one i knew had one. i went on to purchase 2 more - the last being the big square tote - too heavy really! i stopped using them when i saw everyone carrying the fakes. it was no fun anymore. i had always loved chanel but thought it was for older ladies LOL! but then i met someone my age who had quite a few and i decided that was the bag for me. i have a classic vintage for dress and a big camera bag with silver hardware for everyday. my style is clothes is classic /jeans and a great bag like chanel is the perfect accessory, i guess a few years from now i can graduate to a hermes LOL!
  15. I bought my first LV 3 years ago to celebrate the birth of my son. I bought my first Chanel for my 40th birthday. And I plan/hope to buy my first Hermes for my 45th. Big milestones require awesome handbags. :smile: