ATTENTION: Taiga Viktor Messenger Bag Owners!

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  1. I bought my boyfriend the Taiga Viktor Messenger Bag as an early Christmas gift. He's been using it for a couple of weeks now and the leather on the sides of the messenger bag (where the shoulder strap connects to the body of the bag) is already starting to tear. My boyfriend hasn't been carrying extremely heavy things in the messenger bag (just an agenda, some documents, wallet, keys, cell phone, blackberry, etc.) Is this normal or is the bag defective? Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

    Since the bag has been used, will Eluxury let me return or exchange the bag? I am so upset and worried that the tears will keep getting bigger and the strap will eventually come off. What should I do? Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays to you and your family!
  2. Sounds like a defect if that is all your bf carries and definitely not normal. Contact eLuxury for a RM# or take it to your nearest LV to exchange this item.
  3. Not to worry. As pinkiwhatever99 said if it's a defect they'll exchange it for you.
  4. thanks pinkiwhatever99 and lee69! i will call eluxury as soon as i wake up in the morning.
  5. tell us if the new one also shows the same defects. that bag is actually high up on my wishlist...

  6. yes please, definitely keep us posted! I'm considering it for my BFs birthday in a few weeks time...
  7. i've had my Viktor for 3 years and it doesn't show much wear. except for the crease on the top due to it folding when worn. let's just think you got a lemon and the replacement would be perfect :yes:
  8. thanks everyone! i called eluxury and they were really nice about refunding my money. i'm going to buy a new one from the lv boutique instead, so that i can just take it back to the store (rather than having to ship it back) if i have problems again. i'll let you know if the new one has the same problem.