Attention Speedy Owners

  1. Does the Speedy 30 have a D-ring inside? Thanks!
  2. Yup, mine has a small d ring inside. its behind one of the straps.
  3. Yup, mine too :yes:
  4. Yup!
  5. thanks for the responses! i just purchased one tonight & haven't seen the inside yet. i was looking for an accessory to attach to the d-ring.
    thanks again!!!
  6. Yes mine does too. Where did you get yours from?
  7. Help! What is the D ring? Any pics?
  8. Yup mine does.

    The D Ring is attached to one of the leather tabs inside the bag (near the top of the bag).
  9. Picture of a D-Ring... ;)

  10. Is that your bag, John 5?

    Because the patina is gorgeous.
  11. No, I do not own a Speedy.

    That is a picture of a Speedy that's currently being sold on eBay. ;)
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