Attention 'Sally' owners

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  1. Hey all,

    I have a beige Sally bag, it is gorgeous and I love it so much.

    The only thing is, I've had it for about 3 weeks now... And I think it's starting to get a little dirty. Also, IDK if it's possible but the leatehr seems to have stretched out...especially in the back and the front. Does anyone know what I mean?
    Lastly, when I hold the bag, the sides of the flap part become squished/scrunched up because the gold handle chain part digs into it. Not gonna lie, it kinda bothers me.

    So, 'Sally' girls.... How do I start taking care of my bag? I consider it an investment and want it to look the very best it possibly can. Just a couple things I've noticed over the past few weeks.

    I would love it if we could help each other out, since there doesn't seem to be too many of us out there. THANKS!
  2. You should get products to clean and protect the leather
    I use lovin my bags products and they are very good

    I noticed the problem of the Chain when wanting to buy a Sally and that's why I decided to wait, hoping that Chloe will fix it
    As per the Chloe boutique manager, they are aware of the problem

    But it is a beautiful bag and I am glad that you love it.
  3. Oooh thank you so much. Has any other Sally owners felt this?
    I don't know what I should do to "protect" my bag... ah but I should get a leather protectant of some sort.
  4. hi goodatlife! I just bought a Sally but am not sure if i am going to keep it....i noticed what you said about the flap getting squished / scrunched up by the chain and am worried about that too. how has your Sally held up? Any advice? do you regret your purchase or has it worn in well? TIA!
  5. I have noticed the scrunched side problem. It doesnt bother me too much and I try not to hold it at too much of an angle to prevent it. I haven't done anything to take care of the bag but I have also not experienced any stretching of the leather. I have the purple one.
  6. thanks hannahsophia! I too noticed that holding at an angle helps alleviate the scrunching side problem. I'm not sure why but the one I bought seems to already show signs of leather stretching which worries me since i havent even worn it yet. where did you get your sally? any recommendations for finding one in a color other than black or beige/white?