ATTENTION Sac Rayures owner

  1. Yesterday I brought out my Sac Rayures PM for the very first time.
    And as usual, after I got back home, I would unpacked my bag and do a little inspection (for dirts..well who knows..)
    I then noticed something sticky when my fingers touched the top trimmings.
    I looked at it and saw glue scum..thought it must be normal as it's just at the "cut-joined" part of the leather trimmings (though I know the glue scum was not there before).
    So I just cleaned it off with a white cloth.

    But then as I inspect the bag further, I realised most parts of the tinted cowhide tanned leather
    - the trimmings all around
    - the strap
    - and even the tag
    ...are kinda sticky! :wtf:There's no glue scum but there's just a sticky feeling when you touched them. And enough to say that after touching them and not washed my hands after that, I could still feel the stickiness on my finger tips.

    Yeah, it was a hot sunny day yesterday when I brought the bag out. But I was only exposed to the sun on the way to the LV store (almost 5pm). The rest of the time I was indoor - first trip to the LV store, where after that I walk in the mall shade/walkway to a restaurant for dinner.

    I read the care booklet this morning and there's a part where it stated " Avoid exposure to sunlight". But that was on the general care. Not specifically mentioned on the tinted cowhide tanned leather column.

    I called the LV store today to ask if this is normal. The SA mentioned that it could be the tinted, tanning process on the leather reacting with the humidity & sun - though he still finds it strange.
    He will make an enquiry about it for me and give me a call early coming week.

    Could Sac Rayures owners (PM or GM) let me know if they have experience similar experience with their bag?
    Thank you.:smile:
  2. If I were you, I would return and exchange it. I don't own a sac rayures but LV glue does melt in sweltering heat and humidity. But for it to be all over the piece is just simply unacceptable. GoodLVck!
  3. I fell in LVoe with the GM (blue) but when I inspected it, it really seemed delicate to is not canvas, it's linen, but I didn't think there would be "glue" ??? I hope they can give you an answer, I hope you're still within the time frame to return it if necessary. Good luck !
  4. Thank you for your input LVuittonluvr & travelbliss. :smile:

    Yeah it's not the normal canvas but linen canvas. I agree it looks delicate, but suprisingly it's not where the problem is.

    The stickiness is on the parts where it's made of the tinted cowhide tanned leather.
    While the glue scum was only found a part of the top trimmings. But it doesn't bothers me as much as the stickiness all around the leather.

    Gosh!! I never thought of that.. Unfortunately this bag was bought about a month ago! If LV were to reply that this is not normal, I hope they will still take it for an exchange.:sad:
  5. I don't own a piece because I notice that on the display piece I saw at the boutique. The linen canvas was a little..'sticky' -- you know like plastic feel against each other in hot weather... (Singapore weather is very humid)...but oh should bring it back and tell them this is 'manufacturing defect' regardless of time frame. It is not about exchange only.
  6. I had the PM for less than a week and the glue that you mention was completely peeling off and the leather was starting to split! So I took it back to the store and at first, they thought I must have done something to it, but then they expected the other 2 that were in the store, and all of them were like that!
  7. I agree the Sac Rayeurs do feel sticky, especially around the trimmings with the white leather. I felt it when I saw them at the store, so I passed on them :sad:
  8. Oh dear this is very bad news for that line!
  9. Oh my...this is worrying cos if it's all like that and if they are still willing to accept a return, I don't think I could return it at all since I had my tag heat stamped!:sad:
    May I know if you carried yours in a sunny weather?
  10. Sorry to hear that! I have more and more doubts about the quality of LV!! I had a bad experience with my Suhali Lockit, and my love for LV isn't the same like before....Good luck for you!
  11. Any updates???
  12. The quality of LV is "changing". I just met a friend who is a huge fan of LV French wallet. She has been using one for close to 5 years. Recently, she bought a new French wallet and she is totally disappointed. According to her, the lining is thinner than her old one and it felt sticky. She actually brought both her wallets to show me and she is quite right.
  13. oh no..:wtf: is it across all LV produtcs? i thot with price increase.. we are getting better products?:confused1:
  14. The older Epi bags are thicker then the Epi bags now!! My older black Epi Alma is much better quality, then my new red Alma of 2008. I think, that the quality of LV in generally was better a few years ago. That's my experience! I think, that LV produces too much bags and the quality worse.
    And at the moment I wouldn't buy an other LV bag in leather - my enthusiasm for LV isn't the same like before..:sad:
  15. it's really sad that higher prices don't equal better products. This happens with quite a few brands...totally disappointing.