ATTENTION raok participants......INFO & REVEAL

  1. today is Sunday, July 29th (uh 14 more days till my birthday) and you have two more mailing days to get those packages out. I have received only about 5 tracking numbers so far. Get busy and box up those gifts ladies!! And please email me the tracking info, my pm box is getting full. ;)

    Oh and this will be the new reveal thread, the other one has so much chatting it it. So please only post pics of your boxes when you get them here - don't open them till the reveal day.

    Then when it's time to open them, post your goodies in this thread!
  2. Here's my package that was waiting for me as soon as I got home! :yahoo:
    Thanks dearest SS! :love:
    I knew who it was just from her address but I just blocked it out in the pic so it would be a surprise to everyone else at least :p
    Wil definitely send out my SS's package by 31st - didn't mean to be tardy - just that I just got back from my trip this morning - will not let you down dear SS! :yes:
    eNVii's RAOK package.jpg
  3. Tracy, gonna get mine out tomorrow.. Comic Con is over today!
  4. sent mine out on friday! im excited - i hope my SS likes it! :smile: its filled with all the fun goodies i got in japan!
  5. Mine went out yesterday.:p
  6. I am so excited...mine arrived today..yay!!! It looks sooo cute!!

  7. very cute packages ladies but you might want to cover up your address' too!!
  8. Yeah so your SS won't know immediately who sent their packages. hehe. Those packages look so cute. I feel really bad about not decorating the outside of my SS package now.
  9. I'm sending mine todaaaaaaaay... hehehe
  10. Yikes, I didn't decorate mine either O__O well, not on the outside anyway lol. I was afraid they wouldn't take it if I had so much stuff on the outside of the box lolz.

    (sorry), not supposed to have chatter in here...this is my last post till I get my box lolz.
  11. ok ladies, I am missing 9 delivery confirmations........I will be pm'ing those who have not sent it to me. Today is mailing day!!! :lecture:
  12. My package has been mailed out and I have received my package. It's so cute and decorated. WOOHOOO!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. sent you my tracking number today! My package isn't too decorated inside or out but it's got great stuff in it I think! I hope at least. I sadly ended my job today and am in the process of moving so my usual packaging flare wasn't there but to whomever mine is, LOVE the decorations and such, thank you! I will guard it until we can open it which is REALLLLLLY HARD!
  14. When is the reveal date? I forgot!
  15. we haven't decided yet. I want to wait till I get confirmation that we all have received packages before we figure out that date.

    Still waiting on three more confirmations............ladies I hope you shipped out your packages yesterday, if not please do it ASAP!!

    thanks! :okay:

    Also if you have received your packages, please post that you have so I can check you off my list! :yes: