attention Raleigh people!

  1. What do you think of Raleigh? Good place to live, wish you could move right away, etc? I might be moving there for work, but want to assess the city before I make my decision. Thanks!
  2. Raleigh is absolutely great. The cost o fliving is a little bit high, but it is definitely worth it. There is a ton to do in the area and tons of exciting people to meet. I love Raleigh. I live in Durham, but I'm always over in Raleigh with friends or my SO. Also, one thing that I love about Raleigh...which may sound weird is that they are the city in the Triangle that responds the best to emergencies. For example, the power lines are underground in Raleigh so during winter storms and tornados and such people in Raleigh rarely lose power and when they do it is turned out in a short period of time. (That sticks out with me beacuse of a horrible winter storm we had in 2002. In Durham I didn't have power for a week and I had to stay with my cousin in Raleigh. )
  3. do they get a lot of snow?
  4. I LOVE Raleigh!
    We almost had to move their for DH's job. We were able to choose any city we wanted in that area of the country and it felt best to me.
    It's GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Raleigh and the greater Research Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) is very nice & gorgeous. It's a great place to raise a family and if you are in the market for beautiful homes, this would be IT. Unless there's a snow storm, not much snow, and no need for coats apparently. HOWEVER, if you are a TOTAL URBANITE and LIKE the city life, this may not be the BEST scenario.
  6. Not a whole lot. The biggest problem is ice storms more than snow.
  7. Ok, so I'm single and in my late 20's. A friend, who lives in Durham, says that the Glenwood South area is the place to be. I was looking at apartments and could only find Oberlin Court as a new development. Any other ideas, thoughts, etc? I could use the help! Thanks!
  8. OH! I'm so glad someone asked! I live in Raleigh, actually! HaHa. I was born and raised here. My parents were also raised here. Believe it or not, there ARE Raleigh natives still around, they're just hard to come by. Other than that, most people are Yankee transplants.

    The cost of living, like someone above me stated, is a tad pricey. The average house in my neighborhood is around $500,000. But other than that, it's a very safe place to live, hardly any crime.

    We HARDLY EVER get snow- for the person who asked. HaHa Whether that should be a good thing to you or not, we haven't seen a REAL snowfall {flurries don't count} in a good several years.

    It's an ideal place to live because you can live in a suburb and still be close enough to work in the city.

    It's family oriented, we're BIG on hospitality. Over the years the place has seemed to become a bit impersonal, as do most affluent high populated cities eventually. Believe it or not, but when my mother grew up here, it was a fairly small town, maybe 50,000ish people in the 60's and 70's, and people actually GREW UP with their neighbors and stayed in the same place!! *Gasp* Imagine THAT. HaHa

    So yeah, Raleigh's great. =] I guess you could say I'm a true native. lol What kinda job are you pursuing in Raleigh?
  9. where is there an area with the most single, young professionals? isn't there always a neighborhood with this stereotype?
  10. I dont remember much but i lived their for about 2 years as a child. I hear its really nice.
  11. Hmm. I really don't know about where the 20 somethings and single people live because when I visit, NC seems like everyone has a family. BUT I HAVE been to Brier Creek Mall area in Raleigh (I think that might be part of Genwood South area... but not sure), and you might like to live near there. Brier Creek has great eateries, ethnic too. Google. I've also been to the Southpoint Mall in, I think, Durham. Google that area too. Those mall areas are flanked by beautiful rental apts. Cary, NC is nearby Raleigh and is ranked as a great to city to live in. But, again, I'm not too familiar about the singles/age situation. Chapel Hill and Durham are college towns (UNC and Duke), if you want to take that into consideration.