Attention Psychologists - me need help!

  1. I don't know why I'm attracted to men with power, usually in top executive positions. I know is not the money, it is something else but I don't know what it is. Why is this? :shrugs:
  2. You are asking a question that can't really be answered that easily. Much, much more info is needed in order for someone to assess why you feel that way. If it is something that bothers you I would suggest that you speak with a psychologist for a few sessions.

    And yes, I have been a psychologist for 18 years..
  3. Its the Suit!!:graucho:
    Does it for me everytime!!
  4. Maybe you find power attractive... there can be many reasons. I was a psych major, but no PhD, so maybe you should go see someone if you are really questioning so much.
  5. ITA!! Men in a nice tailored suit make me weak in the knees. Well, attractive men. The WaMu bankers don't do it for me :lol:
  6. I like an Exective guy {and an athlete, and a teddy bear, etc. . .:lol: } but I'm married to 'that guy' and what attracted me most to this type is the drive and ambition.
  7. Power is sexy.
  8. And now...we play the guessing game! ha!

    Maybe you associate executive types as someone who can take care of you, be in control of life and you won't feel vulnerable...knowing that he can (?) handle situations that come his way. If this is the case...maybe you had an unstable childhood... or a 'weak' father figure? An unorganized and undisciplined upbringing will little structure?
  9. maybe on a horomonal level you are searching for the most strongest or intelligent genes for your offspring?

    what does powerful mean to you? intelligence, ambition, drive?

    strong people are alot of times attracted to other strong or powerful people..maybe someone not as intelligent, ambitious as you would bore you?
  10. i think maybe because most of top executive (or anyone that have the ability to rule and make decision) somehow share similar trait and strong character with them. First, they have more self-confidence then other ordinary, and good enuf self-confidence made people looked good. They think, talk and walk are more structure, and they look great because they live a happly life and they can pull of many nice thing that can be offered in this world (in material way). i think women attract to stronger man doesnt always relate that unstable childhood or weak father figure... i think it the essence of humankind, that we do respect people that stronger then we are. It is even one of the reason people choose the primus interpares as their king in early years... so i think it is normal. Just remember that dont run for non single top executive.
  11. i'm a very strong-willed, self-confident person and i'm very attracted to guys with PHYSICAL power, since in everyday life, i'm usually in control of the interactions that i'm in. physical power is usually the only way that a guy can seem powerful and confident to me, unless they're extremely intelligent, since a lot of people won't stand up to me.

    so i usually date guys that look like offensive linemen. yummy.
  12. power as they say is an aphrodisiac. but obviously this is just a simple assumption. find a good phsychologist to confide in if you really feel the need to define your feelings. Otherwise, just go with it! If thats what attracts you, whats the difference from people who only date blondes or guys with beards or guys with nice cars or guys with good senses of humor of guys with great shoes....etc.
  13. Because someone who can take control is a turn on to you?

    Maybe your Dad was an exec and it's all like your Fruedian subconscious or something?

    Maybe you just want to date guys with money so you can have lots of purses. :roflmfao:
  14. Is this a problem for you? I'm attracted to girls who are independent and driven. Usually those are characteristics of men in power. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Can you provide some more info on this?
  15. excellent point. :jammin: