Attention! Price Increase as of Wed. morning

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to inform everyone that I went to pick up my miroir lockit yesterday and the SA and manager told me that they just were informed yesterday morning that as of Wed. 7/11 there will be a price increase.:nuts: She's not sure how much of a percentage, but she said that it could be as high as 9%!! Can you believe it? Well, I quickly got the price for a couple of things I'm interested in and told them that I would call my SA on Monday to let her know if I will be buying before the increase. This sucks!! but it was bound to happen.
  2. really? oh that sucks!

    that's odd though, they usually have price increases on the 1st or the 15th of the month.
  3. 9%!! that sucks

    anybody else feeling the prices are going up but the quality is going down is many cases
  4. eeek. Maybe I should get that azur organizer today, maybe it's too late? big difference between 695 and 757...ugh.
  5. Lovely! :censor:
  6. Ugh!!!
  7. Is price increase for their regular items only? How about shoes??
  8. Fabulous...this just sucks!:cursing:
  9. ITA, alot of the new things, eg love totes, look like they were made quickly and cheaply
  10. has anyone else heard anything about this? this really sucks! im going to be in vegas next weekend and wanted to hit the stores. :cursing:
  11. I taught that there weren't anymore price increases this year.
  12. Price increase what ??...I am gonna have to get on the phone in a bit an confirm this ..I though I could take my time deciding on a carry on far as shoes go certain held over styles have already gone up in price, so I hope that there isnt another one for shoes...
  13. :crybaby:
  14. Grrr is this only for the US? If the Le Fab goes up 9% it's going to be about $6k in Australia :cry:
  15. The manager was surprised as well..she said they usually know about an increase at least two weeks in advance, but they just got notice yesterday morning..she actually said they would probably be there until 2am on tuesday evening getting everything ready for the increase.