ATTENTION: Possible FAKE Chloe from

  1. :hysteric: FYI - I ordered a Chloe Paddington satchel last Saturday. I paid a whopping $40 to express ship it, as I will be leaving town in a couple of days and did not want my poor Paddington sitting on my step abandoned (I was afraid it might grow feet and walk off). I found out on Monday it was not shipped out. I was told my credit card company was quite busy and the authorization process was held up and to call my credit card co. Well the credit card company said that's ridiculous and my purchase was approved immediately!

    :rant: I called and e-mailed Bergdorf's again and was given the run-around. Funny, but when I checked the website they were out of stock on the bag I had just ordered, could I possibly have gotten the last one? And if I did, oh where oh where had my little Chloe gone!:shrugs: I happened to mention The Better Business Bureau in my e-mail as well as hinting to the fact that I expected an apology along with a credit of my shipping charges. I finally spoke with someone yesterday who had a clue. The southern gent apologized and said he was going to waive the shipping charges (how big of him) and he said my bag was going out that day...

    :censor: WELL I GOT IT TODAY AND GUESS WHAT? I MAY HAVE RECEIVED A FAKE CHLOE FROM BERGDORF! I was excited to finally receive my bag and I opened it up and found it strange that it was already in the sleeper bag. then I proceeded to take the stuffing out and check the pockets. One interior pocket had sticky drippy marks on it and none of the pockets included the authenticity or care cards. Futhermore, it had wear marks and sticky glue stuff at the seams, Also there was a tear on the edging and a scuff by the handle! I ended up speaking to a few reps. and was told I could either get 10% off the bag or return it, but they no more left of that bag so I couldn't exchange it. They had me call the NY store and they too were out of that particular bag, but they had the newer version with square front pocket in yellow, a mustard yellow to be exact (my bag was tan) and that bag cost $300 more!

    :angel: Thankfully, I kept the # of the helpful rep. from the day before. And we spent the better part of the afternoon on the phone back and forth. My hubby is going to think I'm having a fling with Mr., but hey, the rep. did tell me he gets 30% off! So if you are going to have a fling with anyone, I suggest a rep. from Bergdorf's! Too bad for me this guy is geographically undesirable (ha-ha)! Well after all was said and done it turns out I am getting the new version of the Chloe Paddington Padlock Satchel with the square front pocket in tan. Although I will be paying the $300 difference I will not be charged for the overnight shipping and will receive it tomorrow. Oh, one more thing, the damaged, possible fake they sent me was stuffed with tissue and plastic that had a Prada label on it and said!!! Very disturbing...

    So what are your thoughts on this Bergdorf/Chloe debacle? Inquiring minds want to know, I want to know!

    - A Big Sigh from N.Y.:shame:
  2. Bluefly has sold some fake bags recently. Sounds like someone may have done a switcheroo with a legit bag from Bergdorf's and then returned the fake from Bluefly.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking...How scary that BG doesn't detect a fake when someone sends them one! Especially if it had a BLUEFLY sticker on the tissue - don't they do any sort of inspection of their returns??
  4. wow thats insane, sorry about what you had to go through. i'm having a little situation with elux, sending me what looks like to be a fake or i dont even know what wristlet. i agree, bergdoff should at least check the freaking outside of it.
  5. Bluefly has sold fake Chloes before..... but I'm glad you got a discount!
  6. :throwup: You were all thinking what I was thinking when I encountered these issues upon receipt of my supposed new, authentic Chloe. I did indeed return the bag, because even with a 10% discount it was not worth it to me to forever wonder whether my bag was indeed authentic or could possibly be worthless!

    I am anxiously anticipating the delivery of my new, authentic and current model of the Chloe Paddington Satchel and even asked the rep. if this is what I should expect tomorrow (in other words, someone better inspect what they are sending to me and ensure it is what I paid for). After all, I am now paying an EXTRA $300 FOR the newer model because they no longer carry the original bag that I ordered. So although they waived the shipping charges I am paying a higher price plus the applicable tax!

  7. OMG!!! If you can't trust department stores then where can be buy bags?!!!!! From the designer directly??? Ridiculous!!!
  8. I think this could be a potential issue with online retailers. You're returning the bag to a warehouse that is not as familiar with high-end, designer bags compared to a SA in a brick & mortar store. If you return the item with the proper paperwork, I think it's likely that they assume you're returning the merchandise that was sent to you.

    Hence, unfortunately, it'd be very simple/easy to do a switcheroo or return used merchandise, etc.
  9. HOW SCARY??? are u sure it's fake? u should've took pictures of that bga before so we can see it. it's unbelieveable. they should hire special people handling returns!
  10. You would be shocked if you knew how LITTLE SAs know about authenticating bags, even in high-end stores. Many retailers don't provide any product knowledge at all, so the SAs are in the dark. Until retailers start marking merchandise with ultraviolet invisible ink or some other method, these switches are going to become more common. And the bad part is that consumers who discover they have been sold fake merchandise often don't call it to the retailer's attention because they are afraid they'll be accused of doing the "switch".
  11. Roo , that is sooo scary.
    and so does aarti's with the elux thing?
  12. Wow. That is horrible. Does anyone know if Nordstrom has any way of putting ID's on their bags? So far, it sounds like there has been no incident with Nordies but if this is widespread, this may hit them as well.
  13. Wow, and I thought I just had to worry about ebay. I guess we all need to do our homework and really inspect everything we buy. Thanks for the post. I'll be more aware.
  14. Scary!!! Just hope your new and approved Chloe is authentic!!:flowers:
  15. OMG...that is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like no retailer can be trusted now except the actual brick-and-morter boutique!