Attention people from countrys not the U.S.: What is the coolest bag in your country?

I am wondering whether "IT" bags are universal or whether what American's love is not nessisarily the same in other countries. What is the IT bag in Germany? In France? In New Zealand? Do we all follow the same cultural zeitgeist? Or is each country at a different place fashion-wise?


Ulster Lass
Nov 23, 2005
I wish I could answer your question, but I have no idea! I live 30mins from Belfast in N.Ireland, but couldnt tell you our ''it' bag at the moment.. once I get my bag (not decided yet) maybe ill start a trend in my country!!


Feb 17, 2006
I live in Milan, Italy and here Gucci is always a staple, exp. the monogram collection; the Fendi Spy is really for few who work in fashion, u don't see these on streets, and also Chloè is for few, only two or three big boutiques sell it, same as Balenciaga...Prada is still well sold, exp. the tela vela ones. ^o^

Baby Boo

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Dec 20, 2005
In bahrain its everything and anything.. i think at the moment its the Bbag... or actually thats about out now.. at the moments its nothing.. it was the bbag in the summer.. sorry dont know.. haha


Jan 6, 2006
In Germany LV is pretty big, Prada and Etienne Aigner not one of the IT bags are popular here. I love my paddy anyway but I think that Chloe and Balenciaga might become trendy in a year or so. I actually like that I got bags that others here don't have nor recognize. It's my little dirty secret.:smile:


Sep 13, 2005
IMO, coveted bags in Canada are usually the same as the States. Nearly all of our fashion magazines are American, anyway. But, the thing stopping those bags from taking a stronger hold here is our limited availability of brands. So instead, the labels we often see on the street are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc...more household-type names that have boutiques here.


Handbags R Us
Feb 2, 2006
Hello I live in London and all year round, I see many people carrying Louis Vuitton, but they are mainly fakes.

Mulberry Roxanne seems to be the bag of the moment, Ive recently seen so many people carrying the Mulberry Roxanne. They have lots of similar Roxanne styles in the shops nowadays also.

Also any bag Kate Moss carries is usually popular in London

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Feb 6, 2006
Wrt designer bags, when I go shopping in Melbourne (Australia) I see LVs, Chloe Paddingtons and Silverados, Guccis, Bally, Furla, Chanel, Dior and others. Melbourne is a very trendy city, especially when you shop in the boutique areas and cafe strips.

I guess if you're talking strictly IT, then the Paddington, Mulberry Roxanne and Phoebe, Balenciaga, Kooba Sienna, MJ stam and the Fendi Spy can be spotted. I think in terms of fashion trends, we tend to follow the US quite a bit. Our fashion magazines here have US celebs plastered all over and their style guide usually focuses on some American singer/actor.


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Feb 28, 2006
In Paris, it's a little different, there are so many styles/brands of bags that are considered cool or "IT" at any given time.
Most LVs are fakes and worn by tourists. Gucci is overrated and favoured by the (fake) blondes with (perma) tans.
Dior, always a stapple (particularly where I work, the Dior historical main shop is at the end of the street ;) ).
Prada has fallen out of favour somewhat, I haven't seen one in a while (other than the cute little toile messenger bag)

Some of the internationally lesser known brands are in:
Herve Chapelier for the preppy private school gang (Longchamp leather and toile is the upmarket version).

"Recently" (I hadn't checked in a while, hence the uncertainty), a few concession stands opened at the Printemps: Luella, Matthew Williamson (IIRC) and other top notch "it" bag purveyors.

It all depends on what crowd you mingle with ;)

EDIT: Oh and I forgot the Hermes Birkin. How could I?


Jan 27, 2006
in switzerland people are not so interested in luxury things. We are not so into "bling".

But you see a lot of LV and Gucci fakes. A very small group buys Dior or chanel. Balenciaga, chloe or Fendi spy are not so famous. It`s good for me because no waiting lists :smile: