Attention patent yoyo owners, advice needed

  1. Question.... I know patent does not stretch like kid. However, do your yoyo's give at all after wearing them?? My right foot is fine and dandy. Lefty however is a bit tight on the left side of the foot/toe (pinky toe) Now I have been wearing them with a sock, left one that is. Can't tell you what an attractive look that is, BTW. I mean right foot with a knee hi, left a sock...HOT. I hope this is not in vain. PLease tell me your's gave some!! I adore this shoe. The color on is devine. TIA:flowers:
  2. Cjy - I have both the yoyo110's and the yoyo 100 my yoyo 110's stretched the first evening of wearing them out, I think it's standing on them for a few hours that does it. my yoyo 100 I have not wore yet, but they seem to be the same patent so I believe they will stretch the same, are they very uncomfortable for you?
  3. Actually yes, just that left one bothers me a bit. The right fits like a glove, so I know they will be fine if lefty will stretch a tad. I quess my left foot is bigger. I really adore them. And the color, I will need something else in this color I know. I love it. Thanks Natassha!
  4. Your welcome :smile:... try to wrap a piece of moleskin around that lil toe, ive done so before and works great :yes:
  5. Hummm, I saw that stuff when I bought my little insoles for the balls of my feet. Had no idea. Thanks girl! What would we all do with out all these tips, help and support??:flowers:
  6. How are your's, comfort wise? You must love them to have two pairs.
  7. cjy, can you go up to the next size? I tried to stretch and wear my 38.5s and in the end, the comfort never came, so they got sold and I got the 39s. I haven't worn them out yet, but I just can tell just around the house, they feel much better. Still umcomfortable for me, but much better than the other size, and because they are so gorgeous, I will learn to live with the discomfort. lol
  8. Well, since the right shoe fits fine, I am afraid anything bigger and each time I walked my right shoe would become a missle. I will keep trying. Also, I was just thinking that
    1. I am just now getting over my "monthly" and I am a BLOATER!
    2. I have been sick and on a bunch of meds.
    3. It's the Holidays, and you know what that means:shame: It's a good thing it's not a patent leather belt:roflmfao:
    So I just got them last week. I am hoping when I settle down a little it wll be better:shrugs:
  9. I'm sure after all that, they will be just fine. =)
  10. Ah, Yoyos. Mine are the bane of my existence. They're black patent and gorgeous, and go with basically everything I own, but they hurt like crazy. They're probably a bit too long and a smidge too narrow. They're completely wrapped in moleskin.

    I really can't recommend that anyone buy these shoes. I'm a bit of a weinie, but for $500+ shoes, I don't think a marginal amount of comfort is too much to ask.
  11. Thanks for the moleskin tip. I bought some today. I wish I had known about this stuff sooner, there are a lot of shoes I could have used this with!:tup:
  12. Just got some after two recommendations, neat stuff! They are feeling better already. Now I just need to learn how to walk in my fox trots, practice I am sure.
  13. Wait a second...what the heck is moleskin and where can I get it?????????????????
  14. They sell it with all the foot suff. Its called moleskin padding. It is the same flesh color as all the corn pads, etc. Dr, Scholls makes it and most drugstores have their own brand. I got the CVS brand. It has a sticky backing and you cut it to place where needed on your feet, toes, etc. You have to play around to get it so it does not show but it makes a huge difference. Go get some!!:tup:
  15. WOW thanks for the tip! I could've used this stuff years ago!

    ps as for your shoes, I have the SAME exact issue with my feet. I ended up wearing a sock on the left ALL day while I cleaned my house and packed for my holiday trip. The shoes now are perfect. Both fit like a glove! So just keep doing what you are doing and they should be fine!:p