Attention Parisians! Drouot auction on Monday

  1. There is an auction at Drouot on Monday called Fourrures, Mode et accessoires de la mode. I checked the Hermes items and there are some carrés of course, but also two Kellys (both in crocodile)

    1) Lot n° 183
    HERMES Paris
    Sac "Kelly" 29 cm en crocodile noir, fermoir, attaches plaqué or, rabat chiffré M.C, cadenas, clefs.
    estimated at 3000-3500 euros

    2) Lot n° 291
    HERMES Paris
    Sac "Kelly" 35 cm en crocodile havane, fermoir, attaches plaqué or (manque cadenas et clefs).
    estimated at 4500-4800 euros

    There is also a "Totobag" estimated at 200-250 euros, it's a canvas and leather bag.

    The exhibition is on saturday at Drouot and on Monday morning, and the auction itself starts at 2PM.

    I won't go because I am not on the market for bags but I thought I should let you know. The next Hermes only auction is in June! :wlae: That one I won't miss!

    If you are not in Paris I guess you can call your auction house and they can bid from abroad... Unfortunately there are no pics of the bags yet on the website.
  2. Ooooo ... sounds like fab fun. Hope somone from here attends it and scores one of these. :yahoo: It would be a joyous occasion to celebrate .... all that bidding experience would be memorable.:p
  3. For the brave ones the expo must have started at Drouot... good luck!
  4. Is this one the same as the last one you posted? That was great, I still go back to your link and go through the whole catalogue from time to time!:p I love to see all those H items...Thanks Boudoir!
  5. oh thanks for sharing.. i wish i can attend such auctions!!
  6. Hi Duna!
    The last one I posted was comprised only of Hermes items :wtf: Hermes everywhere!
    Since that auction I've been keeping an eye on this particular auction house and from time to time they do a "fashion/couture" auction with a few Hermes items.
    The real deal (Hermes only, vintage or recent second hand) comes in June though!!
    If that is your thing there is also a Vuitton one in april. I might go just to witness the madness :supacool:
    I try to see if they have some vintage Goyard stuff as well, but I haven't found anything I liked so far.
    I'll be sure to post the link to the new H auction when it comes up for you to -> :drool: