Attention Paris Biarritz Owners

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  1. does the bottom of the paris biarritz large tote sag when you carry a lot of heavy things in it? or is the bottom pretty stiff? i'm thinking about buying this tote to use as a school bag, but i'm worried about the bottom sagging. tia for your help!
  2. anyone?
  3. sorry sweetie...i don't know. don't have one.
  4. hmm I'm actually curious about this too...
  5. I have it and it does not sag.:smile:
  6. Thanks zippie!
  7. thanks zippie! i may have to pick up this bag on Saks egc event.
  8. No sagging for me either!
  9. How much are these totes?
  10. the "material" of this bag are "soft"... u are rite abt holding "heavy stuff" the botton will sag...

    But how heavy is heavy???

    if the general stuff we ,gals have..make-up/mobile/wallets/key pouch/ umbrella...i dun think this will cause much sagging...

    abt US$1650 (in my country)