Attention Paddington fans!

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  1. Hi. I am desperately wanting to buy a Chloe dark brown paddington in the larger size. Does anyone know where I can get this? Neiman and Net a porter are out and don't know which other websites to trust. I've been burned on E bay too many times and vowed never to buy anything from there ever. Help me please! :cry:
  2. has chocolate paddingtons on pre-order
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. call NM in short hills, NJ ask for Bandy and tell her what you are looking for. she found one for me. good luck. she always works in am which is good because thay do not have a wait list anymore, now is first come first serve.
  5. Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza had a large paddington bouler (double zipper bottom) satchel on Friday.
  6. just started carrying the Chloe bags, so you might try them. I have had good experience with their bags.
  7. I've seen two different sizes of chocolate brown Paddy's at my local Nordy's (San Diego). I don't know much about the bags, so I don't know if it's the size that you're looking for. But you could give them a call and they can ship directly. If you're near a Nordstrom's and tell them that your local store did not have one, they may waive the shipping cost ($12.95). Anyways, their number is 619.295.4441. Ask for Marcie or Joseph--they're both very helpful!
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the tips! You guys are great!:idea: