Attention Outlet Shoppers.........


Do you like outlet shopping?

  1. Love em! Do most of my shopping there!

  2. Really like em

  3. Like em but not nearby!

  4. enjoy the experience but buy little

  5. so so

  6. Wouldn't dream of it, dah-ling!

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  1. Let me start this thread off saying I LOVE outlets! Off 5th, Coach, Armani, Versace, even Banana Republic! My favorite centers are those by Chelsea Premium Outlets; they have the best locations and great stores. I'm curious as to see what the general consensus for outlet shopping is.
  2. I like it when I'm lucky enough to hit the day after a fab shipment!
  3. I wish there were some in our town!
  4. I like certain stores and the list seems to change all the time. For instance I've noticed that Banana Republic has started to produce clothes just for the outlet (in general I feel like their quality has gone down lately), Ann Taylor does too, but at least I can also get clothes from the stores at a steep discount. So my favorites right now are Neimans and Saks. I'm lucky to also have a Barneys and a Burberry close by, but I haven't gotten much at either store. Outlets are great for the additional items, but sometimes its hard to get exactly what you need - its more like gambling, i.e. sometimes I'll hit the shoe jackpot when I was looking for a coat.
  5. I used to shop at outlets all the time then I moved and the outlets near me are just not as good as better. :sad:
  6. I live really close to one but the truth is, it is cheaper at the retail store when they go on clearance. yes, they have great deals once in awhile but the pickings are slim and consistently they are not as great or a deal as clearances say at Macy's, Banana, or Nordy's.
  7. I love outlets but don't live close to them. A little over a good hour on a no traffic day to get to one.
  8. They're supposed to be putting a new Chelsea outlet one exit up from where I live. God help me.
  9. theres one in Vacaville, CA, and one at Folsom so I guess I am pretty luck.. although I would say, Cabazon was definitely a heaven for me.. hehe
  10. You must live out by me! :biggrin: Folsom is only a 15 minute drive from my house! Love that Saks! Vacaville's good, but have you ever been to the One in Napa? It's my favorite beacause it has Coach, Barneys (:love: ), Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, Benetton, and J. Crew.
  11. I don't like it very much. It's always too far to drive to. Not worth the trip unless you get lots of good deals.
  12. I really like them. I go to Woodbury Commons in NY quite a bit. It's hit or miss though with finding good stuff.
  13. Love 'em!
  14. I love to go...but sometimes the trips aren't as fruitful as I would have hoped. For example, yesterday....came home with a pair of sunglasses...not exactly what I expect when I go outlet shopping.
  15. I love outlets! I moved to NJ last year for a new job but when I used to live in northern VA near DC, I used to go to the leesburg outlet. They have Coach, Benetton, BCBG, SAKS fifth, Burberry, Kenneth Cole, BEBE, Williams name it. It's my favorite outlet by far!