Attention NYC Girls

  1. Are there any comic book/anime shows next weekend in NYC? Also..where can I shop for tokidoki bags and toys in NYC? TIA
  2. I just read this in one of those free Anime magazines I picked up yesterday at the Anime Expo:

    07/06 to 07/08, AnimeNext at Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.

    I hope this helps!
  3. you just missed the MOCCA festival. but I'm sure their galleries are open...even though I've never been there before, i've heard they're nice
  4. You can shop for toki bags at Macy's Herald Square, Lord & Taylor, Filene's Basement, Loehmann's and the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. The Virgin Mega Store also sells toki tees and vinyls. If you don't find what you want at the Times Square location, you can check out the one on 14th Street Union Square also.
    There is also a Kidrobot on Prince Street that you can check out for vinyls.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks everyone!! This is really helpful!
  6. Also, if you are near the Queens area, they have toki toys at the Flushing Mall, can't remember the name of the store, but its on the second floor next to the wedding gallery store. All Macy's and the Soho Bloomies also carry Toki. Yellow Rat Bastard at Queens Center mall has a huge selection of Toki Shirts... hope this helps
  7. oh yeah the store in the Flushing Mall I think is called Toy Cube? SempreII went to a shiitake vinyl signing there a few weeks ago.

    And yeah Queens Center Mall's YRB has lots of toki tees.
    Come to Queens!!! lol
  8. eee! other people from/around/who love queens!

    now I wanna make a quick run to QCM...hmm, so tempting...but YRB never seems to have XLs in anything...and I know tokis run small
  9. OMG I know!!! I asked a sales girl at the QCM YRB if they were going to get any toki tees in XL and she looked at me like I was nuts and said "no" and walked away .. hahahaha
  10. they're kinda rude in that store, but they have the cutest sneakers, so I keep going back, haha

    it makes me sad that the only place in QCM with toki bags is macys...and they never have a good stock in =(
  11. WTF is up with that? Even us bigger girls need some toki.
  12. I can relate.. when I went into YRB at both the Manhattan/QCM locations, no one even knew what Tokidoki was. They just looked at me strange and said "..toki.. doki???" lol
  13. Yeah careful with what you buy from that store too.. theres no return policy...
  14. aww too funny ... but also sad ... lol :biggrin:

    oh 2 weeks ago at the QCM Macy's they had a lot of toki ... they had l'amore, bianco,pirata and notte bags. But last week most of them were gone and all that was left were 2 l'amore canguros ... and I don't recall what else. A woman walked past while I was holding a l'amore bambinone and she said "oh how childish". psh whatever ...
  15. Shout out to all the Queens girls!! I live about ten minutes away from the QCM- let me know if anyone would ever be interested in a Toki meet-up.

    I can't believe the QCM Macy's actually had the newer Tokidoki prints. I used to go after work once a week to check but eventually gave up because they never had anything in stock.