Attention New Violette Vernis Owners.....Any Fingerprint Problems ???

  1. First congrats on the new very beautiful color !!! :love:
    I was wondering how badly fingerprints show up on your items, as compared to the Amarante vernis ???? I recall LOTS of people returning their new Amarante things due to the smuding. I know when I bought my Sunset Blvd, it came with a polishing cloth !!! How are your violettes holding up in the fingerprint dept??
  2. So far no problems!! Perhaps fingerprints aren't as noticeable on the violette because it's a lighter color.
  3. No problem at all! :smile:
  4. I didn't get any Violette items yet (but I definitely will) but I was looking at the new cles today in Pomme, Violette and Amarante and the fingerprints are only obvious on the Amarante because it is such a dark color. If you really look you can see them on the Pomme and Violette as well but you would have to purposely hold it at an angle to see them.