ATTENTION!!!NEW Balenciaga Boutique!!!

  1. Not know if anyone knew about it, but OMG!!:drool:

    Balenciaga is now in the process of leasing a spot in the Mandarin Oriental(which is to open Summer of 2008) in BOSTON!!!:yes:

    The Mandarin Oriental Hotel will be located on Bolyston St., around Copley.
    If this goes through, it will be the 3rd Balenciaga Boutique in US after NY and Honolulu.

    Although it's still more than a year away, I can't describe my excitement as a Bostonian:yahoo::graucho:and I'm sooooooo moving to back bay next year!
  2. YAY! that makes me lil sister goes to boarding school there:p
  3. Dang... I was hoping it would be in Australia :push:
  4. Oh, I wish Boston was close to me! Toronto needs one soooo bad. I hate that Holt's has a monopoly here :yucky:
  5. Awww I went to University there about two years ago, but have since transferred.

    I should transfer back next Fall! :p
  6. Theres a boutique in Honolulu????
  7. Aloha Rag? just guessing. the only flagship i know of besides bal ny and paris is the one in hong kong.
  8. yup, Aloha Rag.
    there are more stores in Asia than here which carries B-bags.

    My mom went to Dubai a little while ago, and she told me there's gonna be a flagship Bal Dubai soon
  9. Well, Aloha Rag is not really in the same category as the flagship stores, I guess. But this Boston one is going to be a "Bal Boston" just like the "Bal NY"? Somehow, being in a hotel doesn't sound like it will be as big...
  10. Wow, that's an exciting news! I cannot believe that there is no Bal Boutique on the west coast......maybe there should be one in SCP or LA...I wish...sometime soon!
  11. SO with you on that, I hate Holts. I would go to eBay any day before giving them my business. The people who work there act like they actually make good money. UGH.
  12. As a Boston area resident, I am surprised and excited to hear this great news!
  13. This is the BEST news ever!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!!! I'll be counting the days!!!!!!!!!
  14. Uhoh, methinks the lady will have many new Bbags come 2008...:graucho:
  15. It's about time!