Attention Neiman Marcus Short Hill Shoppers

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  1. Ok, so I found out Irina the SA from Chanel Neimans has been let go.
    The position is open for hire and no one has been put in place yet. Irina's old assistant is up for the job and deserves it compared to the other applicants. No one knows as much as she does. Irina was a real specialist on bags and had such a great read on her customers on their likes and dislikes. Her assistant Sheryl is still there working her butt off (she's just as good as Irina if not better) - but because she is just an assistant now she is selling the bags and not getting the commission! Come on girls, we have the help out a young Chanel lover!! If you go into that Neimans and encounter her you will instantly know she should be the new specialist! I need help to get her the job-reccomendations, anything!! HELP ME PLEASE!!
    I have met the other applicants and they are nasty with no taste!! I know most of the other senior SAs who work in handbags but no good ones applied. Any suggestions? I have written letters and made calls to applaud her job performance. HELP!!!!
  2. I'm sorry. . . forgive me, but I have to ask. . .
    you only have 4 posts here and it makes me wonder{?}
    You say you've "met the other applicants"?
    Does this mean you work there then?
  3. swanky, i know all the sa's in neimans
    i know who applied
    i practically live in the store

    can't anyone just sit and lay in the cut and watch what goes on or do I need a certain #of posts to be legit? no disrespect, just like to watch more than chat
  4. of course:yes:
    but surely you can see my concern when someone who only has a few posts, posts something w/ an agenda{?}
    If I didn't ask, someone else would've, it's no biggie.

    I live in my fave NM as well, but since they don't interview right there in the Chanel boutique, it'd be impossible for me or any other shopper to know who was interviewing.
  5. the whole thing is that a completely "wrong" person may get the job. i am trying to stop it as much as i can.
    when i say "wrong" i mean someone who can't identify a classic flap from say a rock and chain flap. Or a new chain from last season.She can't even distinguish a medallion tote from a gst!! Its bad.
    i have reached out to the executive offices and made comments on this SA;s behalf.
    I just hate seeing her sell and not have the right to the commision. She really goes the extra mileage and has the clients who formally used the "former specialist" calling her for bags. I hope they see how good she and let her step up. I just wanted to know if anyone else the new york/new jersey area could help out. To those who know Chanel, this may be tragic.
  6. you may also say I am an insider, I have been around so long the other SA's like to gossip with me. In any department.....
  7. I've been to the Chanel counter in NM is SH mall, I can't stand any of the SA's who work there....I only bother to go into the Chanel boutique in Short Hills Mall.
  8. do you know WHY Irina has been let go then? it was so sudden..i literally bought a modern chain e/w tote from her and a day later, shes gone! :confused1:
  9. I heard a rumour that she was helping her friends get bags of their waiting on waitlists, she would give first choice to her good friends over clients. That's not to say she wasn't good to her clients, but supposedly she made sure her friends got what they wanted first. Again, this is a rumour, so I don't know if it's completely true...but that's what I've heard through the grapevine.

  10. Oooo ic..well, i only met her once and i thought she was a sweet woman. she was also extremely knowledgable, which is such a plus! thanks so much for letting me know! i know its a rumor but i dont know if what she allegedly did was enough to be let go? :shrugs:

    either way, thanks! ;)

  11. memyselfI, how do we know YOU'RE not Sheryl? The name is ironic too.
  12. i think if anyone has ever met sheryl and thinks she does a wonderful job and therefore deserves this promotion, can mention it to the store manager or write up a comment and send it to NM.

    whether or not memyselfI is sheryl or not isn't important. i believe we all have our own opinions and we wouldn't be pushed to do something just because another member asked us to.

    i personally have not dealt with sheryl, so i won't be giving her any praise because my comments would just be lies.
  13. I agree, this is very odd! :wlae:
  14. Hi eveyone Irena was my SA and I loved her!!!!!!!!!!!!! she always treated me with respect even the first time we met and I was wearing ripped jeans and an old t shirt many of the othe sa would not have looked my way she helped me pick out my first BAG and I have been hooked ever since I was was so upset the other day when I called her actually to get on list's for some fall stuff and they said she was no longer there !!2 me thats what we should be asking WHAT HAPPEND TO IRENA a wonderfull woman who really knew her stuff and her customer for all we know one of the snakes at NM could have bad mouthed her looking to steal her job.......LETS VOTE TO BRING BACK IRENA !!!!!!!
  15. I COMPLETELY disagree with this.

    If they are the same person, she is totally violating the spirit of this forum and being deceitful as well. She is using the forum for her own personal gain and being underhanded about it.

    I'm not saying they are the same person or that I think that they are. I am just responding to the post.

    IF they are the same person....her little stunt is not going to go over well.

    And if someone TRULY deserves a position, they do not need to resort to subterfuge to obtain it.
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