ATTENTION miroir pochette owners!

  1. AAAH!
    i kept my silver miroir pochette in the dustbag for a week or two, and when i pullled it out today just to check on it, the strap got STUCK to the back of the bag!!!!
    i pulled it off, and it left what looks like a permanent dent in the bag!!!!!!
    as a warning to everybody who owns this bag, make sure you tuck the strap inside of the bag when you store it!

    grr. im so mad. theres no way i can exchange it either...
    luckily, the dent is kinda small, but of course, i will be noticing it forever!
    i hope it miraculously goes away!
  2. aww!! sorry to hear about that!! thats too bad!!! i hope it goes away!!
  3. Oh that's a shame but you are probably noticing it more than anyone else would. I am very picky also & hate any imperfections. My Miroir pochette came with some tiny scratches on the back also one that i bought to sell so I haven't listed it yet. I called to exchange but SA said they were all like that!
  4. i really hope it goes away, not only was it expensive, but its so darn cute!
  5. ugh..I hope that goes away!! sorry to hear that!
  6. Sorry to hear about that, bvbirdygirl. Hope it will minimize in time.
  7. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that...someone posted about this problem earlier...when I checked my bag, it almost happened to me to. I was able to buff the little bit of glue...and the dent did come out.....

    I hope it will come out for you too.
  8. Same here :yes:
  9. ^^^ thanks for the thread miroir princess, but mine didnt really rub against the bag, it got STUCK on the bag! yikes!
    and the bag was resting upon the strap, so the weight from the bag pushed the strap into the bag! (i still dont understand how such a light bag could force such a large dent onto itself...)
  10. Eeek! I hope it goes away too! :biggrin:
  11. Aw, sorry!!
  12. does anybody know what would happen if i stuffed it a little?
    would it get rid of some of the dent??
  13. ok, i just checked on it, and the dents went away, but they were replaced by scratches!! :cursing: :cursing:
    i think a scratch is worse than a dent.
  14. I am sorry to here that.