Attention Mini Lin Speedy owners!

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  1. I've been dying to have one in ebene. Since it only comes in 30 and I'm 4'11, I'm concerned that it'd look too big. But I think it might be okay since the bag sags. Can you post pics of yourselves wearing the bag (especially, tiny people is appreciated). Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  2. At least a size comparison with the speedy 25? I already checked the reference threads, no luck there.
  3. A big bag is in now so why not? I always buy a speedy in size 25 but mini lin is fine for me. It's not that big.
  4. Can you post a pic of you wearing it?
  5. I have a Mini Lin and I am 5'3 and I don't think it is too big at all.
  6. Yeah I posted a pic last year of myself with the Damier 30 in the visual aids section and I also have one of me with the black MC Speedy which is also a 30, in there. I'm 5'2 and don't feel overpowered by it at all.
  7. Ha ha, I'm not tiny at all (I'm 5'6") so I guess that I'm not much help! I personally think a big bag looks nice on small people! I saw a tiny Asian girl carrying the Speedy 35 and it looked really nice.
  8. Thanks ladies, I found a comparison pic in the speedy gonzales club thread, someone posted it next to the cerises speedy. I think I might really get it..but since I already got a speedy this summer, I'll wait till the fall or whenever another free shipping code comes out, whichever comes first hehe.
  9. here is mine

  10. ^Thanks for the size reference, cute dog! The bag is soooo beautiful, *sigh*...can't wait to get one!
  11. We're like in the same height plus im thin/ petite and i carry a Speedy 30 in (damier azur, mini lin and monogram). the bag size is just soo perfect so don't worry!:tup:

    As of now, i don't have a whole body pic with my mini lin but i have pics with my other speedies. hope this will help!;)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and here's my mini lin and damier azur
  12. You look so stylish w/ your outfits and bags! Love the pink scarf and jacket!:tup:
  13. ITA! You look gorgeous with your speedies! Very stylish!!
  14. that size looks great on you :smile: