Attention: Mini Lin speedy 30 owners!!!!

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  1. do any of you that own the mini lin speedy 30 know where to find the tag where it say where the bag was made in or does not say it at all. im confused because i just seen one at the LV store and i did not see anywhere in the bag a tag that said where it was made in. if any of you have pics of where it says on you mini lin could you please post thanks!!!;)
  2. It is stamped on the side tab. The opposite side of where the lock hangs.
  3. is it obvious because i just purchase one and i cant see it on there??
  4. It is sort of hard to read since the leather is not smooth.
  5. can i see apic of your because i do see something but i cant really tell. is it that hard to read it? what exactly is it suppose to say? thanks
  6. ^when I had mine, I had to bend and flex it in the light to see was almost impossible to see!
  7. Is this only on the mini lin?
  8. Thanks girls finally found it, had to put a flashlight against it to actually be able to see it. i was about to go exchange it for a different one, now i feel so dumb.:shame:
  9. yep, with my experience, only on the mini lin...I think because the leather is so soft and textured.
  10. Glad you found it!!!!! It is VERY hard to read!!!!