Attention Mini Lin owners!

  1. I am very interested in purchasing the Mono Mini Lin speedy 30 in ebene. Do you ladies love your mini lin pieces? Do you wish you had purchased something else? I am loving it because I think I won't see myself coming and going. Let me know your thoughts and opinions, thanks!
  2. Even though I'm selling mine, I LOVE it and it's such a wonderful bag. It's so comfortable, different, and unique. I love that it still has the LV but it's so understated and classy. It's a fabulous bag, but I'm saving up for something else! But I definitely recommend it to everybody!
  3. Don't own one yet but Cruise Marina will be my 1st piece from this collection. Would love to know too.
  4. Love the look of Mini Lin, but the ones I've seen in store had already started pilling :push:
  5. Honestly, I'm sort of not loving mine anymore. I used to love it so much. Since its fabric, I dnt think it will hold up well for long IMO Might just sell and get something in leather or coated canvas instead.
  6. i just got mine and i love it. it's very different from the regular Monogram or even Damier, and it's low-maintenance
  7. Well I LOVE my ebene mini lin Noe. Used her today as a matter of fact. I've only seen one other woman with a mini lin bag -- it was a speedy. It really is a bag with the best of both worlds -- as many have said here -- you get the monogram but it's unique and you don't see very much of it out and about. I wouldn't mind having another mini lin piece or perhaps something from the mini lin croisette line.

    Oh, and don't worry about pilling -- just pick one that doesn't have many pills -- unless you prefer that sort of thing. It won't pick up any extra.
  8. I picked it up to try it on last weekend and almost immediately the SA said " it will pill and it's high maintenance". I highly doubt that is true though. So many tpfers praise this bag. I ended up getting accessories instead of a bag but I really think all speedies are great!
  9. " it will pill and it's high maintenance". far from it !

    I love mine, the fact that i dont have to hide it in bad weather is a plus for me :biggrin:
  10. Mine has yet to pill but I don't use it everyday

    I think it's a great bag and agree with all who said it's low maintenance.
  11. It's funny, I experienced the same reaction from SAs as other tPF members - they actually almost discourage you from buying it! I got the same "this is fabric and is delicate" speech. I bought it anyway and do not regret it! It's a great bag. As far as the pilling - ask to see a few different bags before buying and choose the one with less. I use this bag alot and it still looks great. (Also, the purseket definitely helps it maintain the rounded shape)
  12. Best purchase EVER..I have three pieces in Ebene, Speedy, zippy wallet and the cles. Mini Lin DOES NOT pill more, the pills you see are going to be it since the fabric is linen/cotton. It's beautiful, I have used my pieces for almost 6 months and I can honestly say this is the first bag I haven't gotten sick of. It is sooooooooooooooo low maintenance and understated!! I say GO FOR IT:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I love mine, I love it so much I plan on getting one in dune.
  14. I loved my Ebene so much I bought it in Dune. Of all my bags I think the Mini Lin is my lowest maintenance bag,